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Morgan Plus 8 Speedster hits the track versus BMW R Nine T

  • Morgan Plus 8 Speedster hits the track versus BMW R Nine T
  • 2014 Cadillac ELR
  • 2015 Subaru Impreza gets visual tweaks, added refinement
  • Pininfarina Sergio gets its glass on for production

Is this the world's cheapest Gymkhana video?

Posted Sep 29th 2014 8:00PM


We don't know how much Monster Energy spends on Ken Block's famous Gymkhana videos, but we're sure they're big-budget productions, shot on big lots with lots of props, more GoPro cameras than we'd care to count and some big-name personalities involved. But whether you'd consider them distractions or enhancements, what makes these videos great is the driving skills.

Case in point: this latest video from the Czech Republic. It doesn't have any celebrities, no spectacular special effects, not even an exciting location. It's just a local rally driver by the name of Petr Šimurda with unreal car-control abilities, sliding an old Škoda rally machine around a car lot in Central Europe like it was on caster wheels. And is it lacking for not having big-name stars or guys in gorilla suits on Segway scooters? Not one bit. See for yourself in the video clip.

News Source: YouTube via Jalopnik

Watch how hard it was for Jonny Walker to win the 2014 Erzbergrodeo

Posted Sep 29th 2014 7:00PM


The Erzbergrodeo might be one of the greatest motorcycle events in the world that many people know nothing about. Set over several days, mostly in the pit of a former Austrian ore mine, these riders put it all on the line for hours at a time. It's like the Isle of Man TT for dirt bikes.

The races culminate in the Red Bull Hare Scramble for 500 riders. This year, it was set along a 14.3-mile (23-kilometer) course, and just 31 people were able to get to the finish in the four-hour time limit. Being left on the course wasn't a problem for 2014 winner Jonny Walker (a fabulous name for a racer). He won the scramble in about an hour and 40 minutes and had a GoPro strapped to his helmet for the whole ride. Now, the footage is on YouTube completely uncut and demonstrates quite clearly why the event is such a difficult challenge.

Obviously watching all of this video might be a commitment, but be sure to check out at least the first few minutes as Walker climbs out of the mining pit. At about 55 minutes, things get truly amazing as he's challenged to climb up a mountain of loose boulders. The whole thing is an epic ride.

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News Source: Erzbergrodeo, GoProMX via YouTube, Asphalt and Rubber

Image Credit: Related images copyright Red Bull

There's a car powered by salt water? Meet the Quant e-Sportlimousine

Posted Sep 29th 2014 6:00PM

If a salt water-powered car was released to the public, would you drive it? The Quant e-Sportlimousine that you see here is just the kind of fascinating concept car we hope to see hit the road someday soon. The product of an energy company called nanoFLOWCELL AG based in Liechtenstein – with help at various points along the way from Koenigsegg and Bosch – the Quant promises a very advanced battery pack to power the electric drivetrain inside of this unmissable bodywork.

Predicted performance from the e-Sportslimousine concept is impressive in turn, with the company calling out sprint of just 2.8 seconds from 0-100 km/h, with a top speed approaching 380 km/h. All that, and the range is said to be about 400 to 600 kms between charges. The company makes note that all of these figures have been simulated in a laboratory, so we wouldn't recommend selling off your Model S just yet. NanoFLOWCELL does say that the vehicle "is neither a show car, nor a concept car" and has been "designed from the ground up to meet all homologation requirements."

Click here to learn more in the video below.

News Source: via AOL On

Image Credit: Drew Phillips

Horses, beer and Mercedes-Benz take credit for the van

Posted Sep 29th 2014 5:00PM

Mercedes pioneers the van

There may not be as many minivans on the road as there used to be, but make no mistake about it: the van is still an indispensable mode of transportation. Especially for things like beer, ice cream, flowers, teams of television adventurers, and... more beer. There have been many automakers that have made vans over the years, and many that still do. But Mercedes-Benz is keen to point out that it pioneered the van.

In this light-hearted, minute-and-a-half-long video clip, Mercedes takes us from the advent of the van before the turn of the century (the previous century, that is) through its gestation and evolution into the vital vehicle that it is today. But it never would have happened if not for some tired horses and many beer-swilling Germans, the former owing their thanks to the latter... and, if the narrative is to be believed, all of us owing that pioneering spirit to Mercedes.

News Source: Mercedes-Benz via YouTube

Lamborghini Asterion leaked in print ahead of Paris debut

Posted Sep 29th 2014 4:30PM

Lamborghini Asterion leak

Lamborghini concept leakThe first purportedly leaked images from an Italian magazine of Lamborghini's new vehicle for the Paris Motor Show are on the web, and they closely echo the model's silhouette from the teaser. However, there's no official mention of a name to confirm that this is being called the Asterion, as rumoured.

The profile image (right) definitely suggests this is the same model that Lamborghini is previewing for Paris. It features the same slightly arching hood and roof, and it has a rear air intake behind the door. The shape also seems to support the belief that this concept has a 2+2 seating arrangement to echo earlier Lambo models like Espada.

According to, which has posted the images, the vehicle may use a hybrid V10 with three electric motors to produce in the neighborhood of 900 horsepower. Furthermore, it claims that this might be just one of two concepts that Lamborghini is bringing to the Paris show. For now it's still a mystery, but all should be revealed on October 2 for the vehicle's unveiling.

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News Source: via Autoguide

Image Credit:

Parking fail revenge pranks teach bad drivers a lesson

Posted Sep 29th 2014 4:00PM

We've always wondered what goes on in a person's head when they decide to poorly park their car without any consideration of others. We wonder if such failed parking jobs are the result of simply not caring, or if the person in question just has no idea they've committed the offense. Although, neither one of these options excuse poor manners.

We're sure you can recall the feeling of frustration as you circle a crowded parking lot, when suddenly, you see a spot in the distance ahead. Hallelujah, right? Nope, because when you get to said spot, you discover the individual occupying the parking space next to it decided their car is more important than anyone else.

Most people would just shake their heads or perhaps utter a few choice four-letter words; I prefer the good ol' fist shake at the sky. While plotting vigilante-like revenge wouldn't occur to most of us, it certainly did to these witty champions of the frustrated public, as we've gathered this bad parking karma photo gallery to prove it.

We don't ever advocate vandalism or physical revenge, but we can certainly laugh at harmless fun that's sure to send a clear message to these bad parking jobs and possibly, cause such drivers to think about where and how they park next time.

Check out the hilarious photo gallery of "revenge parking" above and let us know what you think in the Comments, below. You may have seen some of these before but some may be new. The gallery is sure to bring a chuckle or two and a "I wish I had thought of that!" to one or two of them.

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Parking Fail Goes Viral

News Source: Distractify

Image Credit: Reddit, Imgur

How to save money on car insurance if you are under 25

Posted Sep 29th 2014 3:00PM

Aside from gas, one of the biggest expenses when it comes to vehicle ownership is insurance. If you are under 25 years-old, then it will cost you a hefty amount more when it comes to insurance rates – and yet it is required by law.

There are, however, many ways to make car insurance a little more bearable for young drivers, but it takes a tiny bit of research and advice which we've gone ahead and gathered for you on the next page. If you are dissatisfied with the insurance rates you've got or looking to save more money, click here are a few tips that can help you lower them.

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3 Ways to Cut Costs When Adding a Teen to Your Car Insurance

Volkswagen charges up new Passat GTE for the trip to Paris

Posted Sep 29th 2014 2:00PM

2015 Volkswagen Passat GTE

We all know that the letters GT stand for Gran Turismo, but tacking on another letter can evoke a different meaning altogether. GTO for Ferraris (or Pontiacs), GT-R for Nissan supercars, GTA for high-performance Alfa Romeos (or car-theft video games, or metropolitan Toronto)... The list goes on and on, but few are as familiar with the idea as Volkswagen, which uses the letters GTI for hot hatches, GTD for their diesel counterparts, and most recently, GTE for plug-in hybrids.

VW introduced the nomenclature with the Golf GTE earlier this year, and is now following up with the Passat GTE you see here. It packs a hybrid powertrain consisting of a 1.4-litre turbo four producing 154 horsepower and an electric motor good for another 114 hp, channeled to the front wheels through a six-speed DSG for a combined output of 215 hp and 295 pound-feet of torque.

In electric-only mode, it'll reach 80 mph (128 km/h) and take you as far as 31 miles.

That's more juice than the Golf GTE, but in the larger Passat delivers similar performance: 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in under eight seconds and a top speed in excess of 136 miles per hour (218 kilometres per hour). In electric-only mode, it'll reach 80 mph (128 km/h) and take you as far as 31 miles (50 km). But with both motors running, and both the 13-gallon (49-litre) fuel tank and the lithium-ion battery topped off, it'll travel up to 1,000 kilometers. More than the Golf GTE and more than enough to send the plug-in Passat from London to its debut in Paris and back again (or all the way from Detroit to New York) all without stopping at a single charging or gas station along the way.

Set to launch in the second half of next year, the Passat GTE will be available in both sedan and wagon forms. But since this is based on the European model, we're not holding our breath for its transatlantic voyage to North American showrooms. Hypermilers will just have to hope that VW will offer a model with a similar system Stateside in the near future.

News Source: Volkswagen

Morgan Plus 8 Speedster hits the track versus BMW R Nine T

Posted Sep 29th 2014 1:00PM

Evo: BMW R Nine T vs. Morgan Plus 8 Speedster

Evo is back at it with its car-versus-bike races, following up on the all-British Jaguar/Triumph battle from last weekend with an (almost) all-BMW affair, pitting the German brand's stylish and vintage-looking R Nine T against the British-built, BMW-powered Morgan Plus 8 Speedster.

Unlike last week's battle, though, we're guessing this contest will be quite a bit more even. See, the F-Type had 380 horsepower and plenty of body fat to haul about. The Morgan, though, is nearly as powerful (367 ponies) and is far lighter, at around 2,200 pounds (997 kilograms). The BMW, meanwhile, isn't quite the track star that the lightweight Triumph Street Triple R.

You'll need to check out the video to see whether two wheels or four wheels will prevail. Have a look.

News Source: EVO via YouTube