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2015 Honda CR-V

  • 2015 Honda CR-V
  • Morgan Plus 8 Speedster hits the track versus BMW R Nine T
  • 2014 Cadillac ELR
  • 2015 Subaru Impreza gets visual tweaks, added refinement

Top 10 cars for consumer complaints

Posted Sep 30th 2014 5:00PM

After listing the 20 worst used cars to avoid buying and Top 10 annoying things we hate about new cars, we're turning our attention to the vehicles consumers complain about the most, according to the NHTSA.

The cars, crossovers and SUVs featured on this Top 10 list earned the highest number of safety complaints from their respective owners. The findings are based on the number of complaints per 100k units sold.

Click here to find out which Top 10 cars consumers complain about the most.

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News Source: NHTSA

Image Credit: AOL / Autoblog Canada

Kawasaki Ninja H2R is a 300-hp supercharged carbon-fiber cruise missile [w/video]

Posted Sep 30th 2014 4:30PM

We don't get to cover the ins and outs of the motorcycle world as much as we'd like, but there was no way we could skip bringing you the latest announcement of the Kawasaki Ninja H2R.

Great Galloping Jesus, does this thing look incredible.

The Ninja nameplate has typically been synonymous with top-tier performance, and this carbon fibre-clad monster seeks to take that reputation to another level. Crouched inside of that green, tubular steel trellis frame is a 998cc inline-four engine that has been supercharged to the tune of 300 horsepower. That unprecedented figure is almost guaranteed to carry the H2R well past the 200-mile per-hour (320 km/h) mark, for any test-rider brave enough to keep the throttle pegged and skillful enough to keep the 17-inch slicks stuck to the Earth.

The new Ninja isn't a street-legal machine – as evidenced by its headlightless, bewinged face – but rather a showpiece for Kawasaki knowhow. A single-sided swingarm – a first for Kawasaki – holds the rear wheel in place, while the steel trellis takes up less space than would an aluminum twin-spar. The carbon-fibre work on the cowl was designed with assistance from the company's aerospace arm, while engineering of the centrifugal supercharger was aided by minds in the personal watercraft division. Teamwork makes the dream work, we always say.

And this particular dream is expected to become a streetable reality, we're told, at this year's EICMA show. The new Ninja formula is expected to be shown on a street bike debut at the event. Don't expect the consumer version to be as wild, and as wildly powerful, but we do anticipate it'll be impressive.

News Source: Kawasaki via Asphalt & Rubber

Monster truck crashes into crowd, leaves three dead

Posted Sep 30th 2014 3:30PM


Tragedy struck during a monster truck demonstration at a car show in Haaksbergen, Netherlands, when the massive truck (pictured above) seemingly lost control and crashed into a crowd of spectators. The calamity resulted in three fatalities and many injuries among bystanders.

The videos of the accident (click here to watch) seemed to show the truck rolling over several cars, pivoting and crashing into the crowd at the end of the run, as people ran away for safety. According to British newspaper The Mirror, the rescue effort was swift with hospitals opening their doors and even ambulances from nearby Germany responding to help. The driver of the monster truck was reportedly arrested.

The Mirror initially reported two deaths and 18 injuries with six people in serious condition. However, the mayor of the Haaksbergen issued a statement on September 29 that revised the total to three fatalities and five people seriously harmed. A child, man and woman lost their lives in the tragedy, but the mayor didn't release their names or ages. A further update later said that the city would be working with investigators to find out what happened to cause the disaster.

The incident echoes a similarly devastating monster truck crash in Mexico, where eight people lost their lives. The driver in that case was later charged with manslaughter.

Click here to watch the video showing the accident and full news report.

Image Credit: Vincent Jannink / AFP / Getty Images

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat #0001 raises $825,000 for charity

Posted Sep 30th 2014 3:00PM

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat #0001 in Stryker Red

$63,000 doesn't strike us as a lot to pay for a muscle car with 707 horsepower on tap. $825,000... (CAD$920,000) now that's a different story. But, according to the official SRT blog, that's how much one generous and eager buyer paid for the privilege of getting his (or her) hands on the very first new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.

Decked out in Stryker Red paint that's usually reserved for the Viper, the supercharged Challenger bearing the VIN 0001 went up for auction at the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino in Las Vegas on Saturday under the auspices of Barrett-Jackson. By the time bidding ended, the gavel dropped at $825,000 – nearly 14 times the sticker price – 100 per cent of which will benefit Opportunity Vehicle, a charity that aids the intellectually handicapped in the Las Vegas Area.

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News Source: SRT

Jaguar details new Ingenium four-cylinder engines [w/video]

Posted Sep 30th 2014 2:00PM

Jaguar XE

When Jaguar lifted the veil on its new XE sports sedan earlier this month, it only revealed details on one engine – that being the 3.0-litre supercharged V6 in the flagship XE S. But we already knew that the British automaker's new entry-level model will offer many other powertrain options, and now it has revealed a little more.

Jaguar has been developing a new family of 2.0-litre four-cylinder engines it calls Ingenium, which will be offered in a wide array of configurations and specifications. In advance of its debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show, the Leaping Cat marque has announced the specifications of the two diesel versions. The first will offer 161 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque and some of the best environmental credentials on the market. There will also be a more potent version with 177 hp and 317 lb-ft, which Jaguar says is "one of the highest torque outputs in the class." Either way, both versions feature variable exhaust valve timing, cooled low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation and selective catalytic reduction technologies to help meet the stringent Euro 6 standards.

That's all well and fine, but considering that Jaguar doesn't offer diesels in North America, the chances of these oil-burners making their way to Canada seem slim. But if you watch the video below, you'll also find basic specs on their gasoline counterparts as well. Like the diesels, they're turbocharged and displace 2.0 litres, but in petrol form, they offer 197 hp and 206 lb-ft of torque, or 236 hp and 250 lb-ft.

Though we're only likely to get the automatic version in North America, globally speaking Jaguar will offer both six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic transmissions. Whatever the specification, though, the new engines are set to roll off the line at the company's new plant in the West Midlands at a rate as high as one every 36 seconds, should the demand exist.

News Source: Jaguar

Kia bringing updated Rio, Venga to Paris

Posted Sep 30th 2014 1:30PM

2015 Kia Rio

The Rio may not be the most popular Kia in North America – not by a long shot – but it was the brand's top seller globally last year. Little wonder, then, that although the current fourth-generation model was only introduced in 2011, the Korean automaker is already rolling out a facelifted version.

Set to be revealed later this week at the Paris Motor Show, the 2015 Kia Rio has been updated inside, out and under the hood. The front end gets a new grille, bumper and foglights, there's a new bumper around back, and a fresh array of alloy wheels ranging in size from 15 inches to 17. There are also two new colors on offer, and the interior has been updated with a new center stack and chrome trim.

Powertrain options depend on local market demands but range from 74 horsepower to 107, driving the front wheels through a five- or six-speed manual or four-speed automatic and available with stop/start ignition. The updates were announced for the European-spec model; we're waiting for confirmation on what, if any, of these revisions will reach North American showrooms, so watch this space.

While it's at it, Kia has also revealed an updated Venga, the mini-minivan based on the same platform as the Kia Soul and Hyundai i20, introduced in Europe five years ago. Scope out the full details of both models in the press releases below.

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News Source: Kia

Piano Guys seranade each generation of Batmobile [w/poll]

Posted Sep 30th 2014 1:00PM

The Piano Guys perform a medley of Batman songs with a trio of Batmobiles

A new Batmobile is on the way for the upcoming film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and it blends the military styling of the one in the Dark Knight trilogy with some of the sleekness from the version in the '89 Tim Burton movie. With a new model imminent, it's a perfect time to honor three of the most famous shapes for the Caped Crusader's ride, and a group called The Piano Guys are doing just that in a new music video featuring a medley of Batman theme tunes played on a cello and piano.

According to the opening of the YouTube video and its accompanying description, the guys used the piano and over 100 tracks from the cello to create the song, and the video itself was shot on handheld cameras and a radio-controlled helicopter. The result is pretty amazing both visually and musically with great sets and fantastic-looking examples of each era of the Dark Knight's car.

Check out the video, and let us know in the poll below which Batmobile is your favourite: the Adam West classic, Tim Burton's aerodynamic interpretation or Christopher Nolan's utilitarian Tumbler.

Which Batmobile is your favourite?

News Source: The Piano Guys, Road & Track via YouTube

2015 Honda CR-V

Posted Sep 30th 2014 12:00PM

Meaningful Mid-Cycle Refresh Leaves This Cute-Ute All Grown Up

2015 Honda CR-V

Predicting the future direction of Honda's compact CR-V would have been difficult based on the Civic-derived model that first arrived on our shores for the 1997 model year. The newcomer, selling alongside the body-on-frame Passport (a hastily rebadged Isuzu Rodeo), was a cute compact crossover with four doors and an awkward curb-side hinged tailgate thanks to its Japanese home-market design. The five-passenger CUV offered generous interior room, but its wheezy 2.0-litre four-cylinder, with an output of just 126 horsepower and 133 pound-feet of torque, required 11.7 seconds to bring the 3,153-pound (1,430-kilogram) vehicle to 60 miles per hour (96 kilometres per hour). Rear drum brakes didn't help much in the stopping department, but Honda offered safety-minded consumers optional anti-lock brakes on the premium trim.

Nearly two decades after its introduction, the CR-V has matured in spectacular manner. The refreshed 2015 Honda CR-V, now in its fourth generation, is dimensionally within two inches of its ancestor in overall length and nearly identical in height and wheelbase. That consistency of dimension is impressive in this age of size and segment creep, and it stands as a testament to how 'right' Honda engineers got the model's original packaging. Of course, the CR-V hasn't stood still – nearly everything else about the best-selling compact CUV has improved in leaps and bounds.

But Honda is not the only player in this hotly contested segment today, so the automaker has taken the unusual step of updating its fourth-generation model just a few years after its introduction in an effort to keep it seated on the podium. To learn more about the automaker's improvements, and form our own impressions, we spent a day driving the CR-V in sunny Southern California.

Image Credit: Copyright 2014 Michael Harley / AOL, Honda

Wal-Mart claims Tracy Morgan wasn't wearing seatbelt during crash

Posted Sep 30th 2014 11:30AM

Actor Tracy Morgan Wasn't Wearing Seatbelt In June Crash, Wal-Mart Says
According to retail giant Wal-Mart, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan and others involved in his limousine crash were not wearing seat belts when their vehicle was struck by a Wal-Mart truck back in June. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. made its contention in a court filing responding to a lawsuit by Morgan and three other plaintiffs over the shocking crash on the New Jersey Turnpike.

Click here to watch the video report above for the latest news updates as this story develops.


News Source: Wochit via AOL On