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W Motors Lykan Hypersport caught on the street

  • W Motors Lykan Hypersport caught on the street
  • HIGHLIGHTS: The top secret supercar meet you've never heard of
  • Ford demonstrates Mustang's new Line Lock burnout feature
  • Montreal hosts world's largest electric vehicle gathering to set new record

Subaru WRX hatchback back off the table

Posted Apr 24th 2014 10:01AM

Subaru WRX

It's fair to seay we're rather fond of the new Subaru WRX. That's not to say we don't have a number of issues with the budget sports sedan, though. Foremost among those complaints is that it's short exactly one door.

Yes, the sedan-only WRX is just fine, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't missing the long-roofed, five-door model of years past. More pressing than our sentimentality, though, is the business case for a WRX wagon - half of the 2013 WRX and STI models sold had five doors. As a general rule, ignoring half of your former customers isn't the best strategy for long-term success.

There was some hope, as recently as a few weeks ago, though, that Subaru would right this wrong and offer a real, five-door WRX. An Australian reporter managed to corner project manager Masuo Takatsu, who said strong interest from North America meant that the Subaru mothership was considering a WRX with a hatch rather than a trunk.

Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case, as Subaru USA is dashing any and all hope of a second body style. According to Motor Trend, the company's North American arm reached out to Japan and, despite the statements made by Takatsu, confirmed that there were no plans for a WRX wagon. Sigh...

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News Source: Motor Trend

Image Credit: Subaru / AOL

Driver who skipped paying NYC toll 3,000 times fined over $28,000

Posted Apr 24th 2014 9:00AM

NYC Cabbie Accused Of Sneaking Past Bridge Toll 3,000 Times

New York City taxi driver Rodolfo Sanchez used an E-ZPass reported lost in 2011 and the close quarters that New Yorkers are used to, in order to save himself US$28,000 in 18 months. During 1,061 crossings of the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge and 3,071 passages through the Queens-Midtown Tunnel, instead of paying the toll at the tollbooth, Sanchez would tailgate the vehicle in front of him and get past the barrier before it came down. He kept the E-ZPass in his car because every NYC taxi driver is obligated to have one.

Turns out the transponder is what got him caught, since it never stopped transmitting a signal every time it went through the toll booth. When Metropolitan Transportation Authority officers (MTA) noticed numerous pings from an E-ZPass with no money on it, they matched up video footage with the cabs in the photos, then matched the cabs to taxi company records showing Sanchez was the man behind the wheel. Now under arrest, prosecutors have charged him with grand larceny, theft of service and criminal possession of stolen property.

Sanchez said he needed the money for his family, but now he'll have to figure out who's going to fill the family coffers when he goes to jail. Click here to check out the news report.

News Source: New York Times

Image Credit: AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

R/C fans film tribute to Fast and Furious franchise

Posted Apr 23rd 2014 8:00PM

Fast and Furious homage

Fans of the Fast and Furious series have about a year to wait before the seventh installment in the franchise hits theaters, but in the meantime, let this homage to the series made with radio-controlled cars whet your appetite. It might lack the actors, but it nails the automotive action.

Vax Studio, the group that made the video, claims to be a group of amateurs, but these folks are incredibly talented. The short gives a real weight to the cars, despite being made from plastic. The makers even add in some computer-generated effects to liven up the action. At times, they actually look like real cars.

Starring a Nissan GT-R, a classic Camaro, a Nissan Silvia and a pair of modern Camaro police cars, it offers a little something for everybody, and it's definitely worth checking out. Scroll down to watch a car chase in small scale.

News Source: Vax Studio, Carscoops via YouTube

Watch the boys from Hot Rod hoon a Corvette worthy of a sinkhole

Posted Apr 23rd 2014 7:00PM

Hot Rod Magazine: Roadkill

Have you read Mike Harley's awesome write up of the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible yet? The car Harley tests is the polar opposite of what you see above. Yes, the boys from Hot Rod Magazine's Roadkill series are back, and this time they're driving the world's worst Corvette from Florida (where else?) to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY.

Their mission? To put this god-awful car into the sinkhole that swallowed up a number priceless Vettes at the museum back in February. Now, you may be looking at the photo above and thinking, "Hey, that doesn't look that bad. I mean, sure, the headlights are wonky and is that a bald eagle on the trunk?" Trust us, it is.

The two hosts face all manner of challenges - as per usual - along the way, from a run-in with Don Schumacher that nearly sends the pair to Las Vegas instead of Kentucky, to encounters with the local police to your typical batch of mechanical gremlins. It all makes for a seriously entertaining 22 minutes of video, all of which you can see by scrolling down.

News Source: Motor Trend Channel via YouTube

2015 Volvo Inscription models get classy with an upgraded leather interior

Posted Apr 23rd 2014 6:30PM

2015 Volvo XC60 Inscription

If Volvo's recent spate of cool-looking concepts is any indication, the Swedish brand has some great new styling on the way. But it takes time for new vehicles to come to market. In the meantime, Volvo is livening up some of its interiors with an updated Inscription Package on the 2015 XC60 (pictured above) and S80 debuting at the 2014 New York Auto Show.

The Inscription models see mostly interior improvements with Sovereign Hide leather covering the seats and more leather for the instrument panels, seatbacks, centre armrests and embroidered headrests. Inlaid wood acts as decorative trim, and there are plush, new floor mats. Exterior changes are limited to the choice of colours, namely Crystal White Pearl, Electric Silver and – exclusively for the S80 – Ember Black. The XC60 Inscription comes with 20-inch, ten-spoke wheels, and the S80 receives 19-inch versions.

The package's changes are fairly small, but it adds a certain amount of opulence to the models until the new Volvos are ready. Scroll down to read the full details about them.

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Image Credit: Live photos copyright 2014 Drew Phillips / AOL

New Car2go Regional Access means carsharing between Canada and USA

Posted Apr 23rd 2014 5:45PM

The 13 various North American Car2go services are about to play together a lot nicer. With the new "Regional Access" plan, every North American Car2go member will be able to use his or her membership from one city in another. This was previously available within the US to US-based members who wanted to use their accounts in another US city, but now users in the three Canadian Car2go cities - Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver can too - and vice versa... READ FULL STORY

Image Credit: Car2Go

W Motors Lykan Hypersport caught on the street

Posted Apr 23rd 2014 5:00PM

W Motors Lykan Hypersport

The W Motors Lykan Hypersport is a very perplexing supercar. Priced at an eye-popping US$3.4 million, it looks like a Lamborghini turned up to 11. However, for a car that costs more than a McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari combined, it doesn't scream about its performance once the engine is started.

The Lykan Hypersport does fill the requirement of supercars to offer insane features. When it announced the car, W Motors promised diamond-encrusted LED taillights and a holographic interior display. The first models will actually be built in Italy, but production will move to the Middle East later.

With a mid-mounted, twin-turbo, 3.7-litre flat-six with a claimed 740 horsepower and 708 pound-feet of torque, the Hypersport doesn't lack for power. Still, that is somewhat lower than the 750 hp and 737 lb-ft rating from our previous story about it – the facts are often fluid in the rare world of brand new hypercar makers. W Motors also claims it can reach 60 miles per hour (96 km/h) in 2.8 seconds and an alleged top speed of 385 km/h (239 mph).

The possible downside is that the company seems to have tuned the exhaust to actually be rather subdued. For as much as it costs, it should send a shiver down your spine the split-second it gets on the throttle, but the Hypersport just rumbles along. Scroll down to hear the supercar for yourself and see if it inspires a US$3.4 million purchase.

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News Source: W Motors, Marchettino via YouTube

Maserati surprises Manhattan with Centennial edition GranTurismo

Posted Apr 23rd 2014 4:01PM

Maserati GranTurismo MC Centennial Edition

The GranTurismo may be getting a little long in the proverbial tooth, but it hasn't quite been a century just yet. It has, however, been a hundred years since Maserati was originally founded, and to celebrate that milestone, the Modenese automaker has rolled in to the New York Auto Show this year with a pair of special editions. Available in either coupe or convertible form, the MC Centennial Editions arrived as a surprise just as the Alfieri concept was a month ago in Geneva, albeit somewhat less revolutionary.

The special editions are differentiated from any other by their paint scheme, special wheels, revamped interior and special badging throughout. Magma red and Inchiostro blue – the colours of the city of Bologna where the company was founded a century ago – are new to the Maserati catalogue, and come with a choice of wheel options with special logos at the centre. The interior colour is specified to complement the exterior with red, white or blue trim and carbon-fibre accents.

Power comes from the same 4.7-litre V8 as the GranTurismo MC Stradale or GranCabrio Sport, driving 454 horsepower to the rear wheels through a six-speed automatic transmission. That's said to be enough to propel either coupe or convertible to a top speed of 298 km/h (185 miles per hour), and comes coupled with Brembo brakes and MC sport suspension. Deliveries commence in July, but you can scope it out here in the gallery of live images from the show floor above, the galleries of stock images below and the press release below that.

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News Source: Maserati

Image Credit: Live photos copyright 2014 Drew Phillips / AOL

Gas prices jump up across Canada, but these fuel saving tips can help

Posted Apr 23rd 2014 3:00PM

Canadian drivers woke up to shocking gas prices across the country as overnight increases of up to nine cents per litre have many motorists outraged with little explanation as to why. While the summer season is a peak period for driving in Canada and we're accustom to fuel fluctuation this time of year, this unexpected gas price hike has many critics questioning its validity.

According to the website, Montreal now has the distinction of being the most expensive city to buy gas in Canada at an average price of $1.53 (up over nine cents per litre overnight). Meanwhile, Vancouver drivers are dealing with the second-highest gas prices in Canada at an average of $1.51 a litre, leaving Toronto motorists with something to be thankful for at a comparatively cheap average of just $1.40 a litre. We're also seeing similar jumps at the pumps in Regina, Calgary and Edmonton of up four to five cents per litre.

While we can't change much about the rising cost of gas in Canada, we've put together these helpful gas-saving tips on ways to drastically improve your fuel economy. Long gone are the days when gas cost less than a dollar a litre; the last time the average price of regular gasoline dipped below the loonie was back in the summer of 2010.

Best Ways to Save on Gasoline

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Image Credit: Grant Hindsley / AP