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SHOOTOUT: Jaguar F Type V6 S vs Triumph Street Triple R

  • SHOOTOUT: Jaguar F Type V6 S vs Triumph Street Triple R
  • 2015 Toyota Camry
  • Top 10 most stolen crossovers and SUVs
  • Porsche Macan Turbo vs Cayman GTS in track battle

2015 Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon to net up to 8.7L/100 km with 4-cylinder

Posted Sep 22nd 2014 6:00PM

2015 Chevrolet Colorado

Before even officially going on sale to customers, the GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado midsize pickup twins are already proving to be a success with dealer orders exceeding original projections. Now, there is even more good news for these siblings, with the fuel economy for their four-cylinder engines netting class-leading numbers and the 3.6-litre V6 getting segment-best payload ratings.

The 2.5-litre four-cylinder in the two trucks makes 200 horsepower and 191 pound-feet of torque, and in rear-wheel drive and six-speed manual trim it has a fuel usage rating of 12.4L/100 km (19 mpg) city, 9L/100 km (26 mpg) highway and 10.7L/100 km (22 mpg) combined. Opting for a two-wheel drive configuration with the six-speed automatic bumps those figures slightly to 11.8L/100 km (20 mpg) city, 8.7L/100 km (27 mpg) highway and 10.7L/100 km (22 mpg) combined. Finally, a four-wheel drive model with the automatic 'box carries a 12.4/9.4/11.2 (19/25/21) rating. Those numbers are a tick better here and there compared to what's offered by the optional V6.

The twins' major four-cylinder, midsize pickup rivals are the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier, but they're both getting somewhat long in the tooth. To compare fuel economy and power, a two-wheel drive Tacoma with its 2.7-litre four-cylinder is rated at 159 hp and 180 lb-ft, and achieves 11.2/9.4/10.6L/100 km (21/25/22 mpg). The Frontier with its 2.5-litre four-cylinder is good for 152 hp and 171 lb-ft, and carries 12.3/10.2/11.2L/100 km (19/23/21 mpg) figures.

The V6 payload ratings are also class leading, with the Colorado rated at 712 kilograms (1,590 pounds) and the Canyon at 734 kilograms (1,620 pounds). According to parent General Motors, the 13.6-kilogram (30-pound) deviation is due to different curb weights for the models.

The Colorado and Canyon are already on their way to dealers. Scroll down to read the full fuel economy announcement about these midsize trucks.

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News Source: General Motors

Translogic 159: V2X Demonstrations at ITS World Congress

Posted Sep 22nd 2014 5:00PM

Vehicle-To-Infrastructure Communication Could Lead To Smarter, Safer Roadways


A few years ago, the hot term in car connectivity was V2V, or vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Now, another techy abbreviation has taken hold: V2X, or vehicle-to-anything-you-can-imagine.

We head to the ITS World Congress in Detroit, MI, to see how the cars of the future will communicate with each other, and the world around them, with demonstrations from Honda, GM and NXP.

Gold-plated Aston Martin DB5 model sells for $90k

Posted Sep 22nd 2014 4:00PM

Gold-plated Aston Martin DB5 model with Sir ken Adam

Classic Aston Martins sell for big bucks at auction. So this news of a DB5 selling for a princely sum hardly comes as a surprise. But the model in question wasn't an actual DB5. It was a scale model.

Created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary James Bond film Goldfinger, this 1:3 scale replica of the DB5 that Sean Connery drove in the movie was plated in 24-karat gold and signed by Sir Ken Adam, who designed the modified movie prop. Created by Propshop at Pinewood Studios, the model comes complete with radio-controlled machine guns, bulletproof shield and rotating license plate – just like the one in the movie.

After registering interest from some 19,000 viewers from 129 countries, the model sold online for £55,000 ($90k) to one Mr. Robert Tyrrell, an English farmer and Bond fan. Proceeds benefit the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

News Source: Aston Martin

2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Posted Sep 22nd 2014 3:00PM

Toyota offers many flavours of its refreshed 2015 Camry, but those who choose to lower their operating cost-per-mile, squeeze 800-plus kilometres (500-plus miles) out of each tank of fuel or run a very efficient and reliable sedan in their taxi fleets will only be interested in one: the Camry Hybrid.

The exterior of the 2015 Camry Hybrid is nearly indistinguishable from its gasoline-only counterparts, with the same all-new sheetmetal and bumpers. The Hybrid is offered in LE, SE and XLE trims, meaning customers are offered base, sport or luxury configurations, respectively.

While Toyota expended quite a bit of effort resculpting and improving the 2015 Camry Hybrid, one area it didn't touch was the powertrain – it is virtually identical to last year's model (just like the gas version). Under the hood is a 2.5-litre Atkinson cycle four-cylinder gasoline engine (156 horsepower and 156 pound-feet of torque) and an electric tractive motor (141 horsepower and 199 pound-feet of torque). Combined, and running through Toyota's unique Hybrid Synergy Drive electronic continuously variable transmission, the two produce 200 horsepower (Toyota does not list a combined torque figure, and we've asked for clarification). A 1.6 kilowatt-hour nickel-metal-hydride battery, packaged behind the rear seats, provides energy storage.

The test car featured here is the Camry Hybrid SE in Blue Crush Metallic, with the optional moonroof, wireless charging and Entune premium audio with navigation and app suite... READ MORE

Image Credit: Copyright 2014 Michael Harley / AOL

Race Recap: 2014 Singapore Grand Prix is back-to-front

Posted Sep 22nd 2014 1:59PM

To paraphrase Guy Fawkes, 'Remember, remember the twenty-first of September.' That's the day the 2014 Formula One Championship took another big turn – and at one of the year's least interesting races, traditionally – putting Lewis Hamilton back at the top of the standings. Not only that, it did so by borrowing the template from the British Grand Prix this year: put Hamilton in front, retire Nico Rosberg.

It was close until then, though, Hamilton lining up on pole for Mercedes AMG Petronas just seven thousandths of a second ahead of Rosberg. Daniel Ricciardo, the year's greatest opportunist, took third ahead of his teammate Sebastian Vettel in the Infiniti Red Bull Racing, followed by Fernando Alonso in fifth for Ferrari. The Williams' looked like they'd be in trouble on Friday, but as usual they dredged up some pace on Saturday, Felipe Massa taking sixth ahead of Kimi Räikkönen in the second Ferrari, the second Williams of Valtteri Bottas in eighth. Kevin Magnussen saved a little bit of face for McLaren in ninth, and Daniil Kvyat did another solid job to line up tenth in his Toro Rosso.

Before it even started, the race wouldn't look the same.

Image Credit: Copyright 2014 AP Photo | Getty Images/AFP

SHOOTOUT: Jaguar F Type V6 S vs Triumph Street Triple R

Posted Sep 22nd 2014 1:00PM

Evo Track Battle: Jaguar F-Type V6 S Convertible vs. Triumph Street Triple R

Typically, these track battle videos pair up car against car or, in more disparate circumstances, car versus crossover, as we saw the other day. While the outcome of that battle was quite predictable, what'll happen when an equally fetching (and fast) four-wheeler is put up against one of the icons of the two-wheeled world? Evo just had to find out.

Matching up a Jaguar F-Type V6 S Convertible against a Triumph Street Triple R is at least more of an even fight than the last battle between the Porsche Cayman GTS and Macan Turbo. The Triumph has a 675-cc engine to work with, and is very light. Meanwhile, the Jag has a thumping 380-horsepower, 3.0-litre, supercharged V6 to haul about it's considerably heftier heft. Who will come out on top?

You'll need to watch the full video to find out.

News Source: Evo via YouTube

2015 Toyota Camry

Posted Sep 22nd 2014 12:05PM

(Re)Securing Its Spot At The Top

2015 Toyota Camry

Every car has its definitive year. Whether it be the Chevrolet Corvette, the Ford Mustang, or yes, even the ubiquitous Toyota Camry, 10.2 million of which have been sold since 1983, every car has its year. For the Camry, that year was 1992. With son-of-Lexus styling, a clear sense of purpose and a parent company that had hit its stride as the purveyor of faultlessly reliable family transportation devices, the Camry got its legs in 1992. It's a car that even your mom is likely to remember, even if she never owned one herself.

The Camry you see here represents the closest Toyota has come to emulating the magic formula that made the 1992 model the stuff of legends. Compared to the 2014 model, some 2000 of the car's 6,000 parts are new, most of them involving things you can see or touch (on the outside, for example, only the roof carries over from 2014).

It's not a full redesign, but nevertheless it's a stunning development considering the predecessor upon which it's based only survived two model years. That's a testament to both the hyper-competitive nature of the family sedan segment and the lukewarm critical response that the outgoing car garnered. But that's in the past now – after driving this 2015 model, we suspect the new car's changes will be thorough enough to continue pulling in new customers by the hundreds of thousands each year for the foreseeable future... CLICK HERE TO READ FULL REVIEW

Image Credit: Copyright 2014 Steve Siler / AOL

Toyota C-HR hybrid crossover coupe concept leak ahead of Paris

Posted Sep 22nd 2014 11:30AM

Toyota C-HR Concept

Last week, Toyota previewed an upcoming concept called the C-HR and promised it would debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. It didn't say much more or give us anything beyond a silhouette and the shape of the lights, but here we have the first images of the finalized form.

The C-HR envisions a hybrid crossover coupe with angular styling that looks ready to take on the Nissan Juke. It's far sportier than a RAV4, and looks closer to how we'd imagine the next-generation Scion FR-S would look like if it were riding on a jacked-up suspension – with some show car elements thrown in for good measure, like a floating roof, radical lighting and the usual absence of door handles and usable wing mirrors.

Of course, this being a Toyota concept, it packs a hybrid powertrain, although specifications did not leak out along with the images. Overall the form looks pretty striking, if decidedly unsubtle. We'll look forward to bringing you more as the Paris show rapidly approaches.

News Source: Carscoops

WATCH: Drag racing driver cheats death during incredible crash, then walks away

Posted Sep 22nd 2014 11:00AM

It's not uncommon for cars to lose traction and get sideways at the drag strip; especially when you're dealing with purpose built, go-fast, muscle cars. The incredible video below starts off like so many other drag races. We see a good looking Chevrolet Bel Air facing off with a sinister looking Camaro of the "badass generation" at what looks like a temporary 1/4 mile setup in pit lane on a road course. If that's the case, the impromptu drag strip will have far less traction available than a prepped permanent facility.

The idea behind getting the best time possible in any 1/4 mile drag race is to launch your car from a dead stop as hard as you can with the minimal amount of wheel spin. People often think of drag racing as boring and easy. It's not uncommon for people to say things like "all you have to do is floor it and go." Anyone with any experience with a powerful car knows it's not that easy to trap a good time.

The most important part of drag racing is the launch. You don't want to launch so hard that you run into excessive wheel spin as that results in slower trap times and added danger of losing control of your vehicle. You don't want to launch too low in the RPM range as that results in bogging your engine and that also results in slower trap times.

The trick to it is finding that sweet spot in the RPM range to launch off the line with just a touch of wheel spin and as much of your motor's power available to you as possible.

The video below shows the Camaro launching in a cloud of smoke with excessive wheel spin. You can see the driver struggling to put the power down and regain control of his car; which he does. The driver of the classic Chevy Bel Air seemed to get a better launch, but lost traction at what looks to be just past the 60 foot mark.

He struggles to regain control but doesn't quite ever make it and the resulting crash and rollover is pretty intense. The driver somehow manages to end up through the windshield and onto the hood of his car by the time the Bel Air stops rolling.

He later admits to the seat belts not being anchored correctly when he was restoring the car. Click here to check out the automotive carnage below.

News Source: about that, ABC News via YouTube, Facebook