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Ford demonstrates Mustang's new Line Lock burnout feature

  • Ford demonstrates Mustang's new Line Lock burnout feature
  • Audi TT Offroad Concept packs 408 hybrid horsepower punch
  • Editors' Choice: Top Five 2014 New York Auto Show Debuts [w/video]
  • BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept is bold and beautiful in Beijing

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport officially announced for production

Posted Apr 23rd 2014 10:00AM

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept

Land Rover unveiled its Discovery Vision concept (pictured above) at the New York Auto Show. Now the company has announced that the first vehicle to wear some of the concept's styling is going to be the new Discovery Sport. The Sport is the newest member of a whole new family of Disco models that LR has in the works.

Land Rover says that the Discovery Sport will go on sale as a premium compact SUV in 2015. The company claims in its release that: "This will be the most versatile and capable SUV in its segment and is the first expression of the Discovery Vision Concept unveiled here in New York." We don't have any images to go on just yet, aside from the concept car cues, but we do know the new model is likely to be a replacement for the aging LR2.

The Discovery Vision is a seven-passenger SUV concept is meant to show the general look of a whole family of new vehicles from Land Rover, including the smaller Sport. It's expected that a larger model will be used as a replacement for the current LR4/Discovery. Scroll down for video and LR's entire tease about the Discovery Sport.

News Source: Land Rover

Image Credit: Copyright 2014 Michael Harley / AOL

When to change your winter tires for spring and summer driving

Posted Apr 23rd 2014 9:00AM

Snow is melting, the sun is out and it's finally getting warmer... meaning many of us are officially itching to get those winter tires off and put on a fresh set of summer wheels. But when's the best time to make the big switch? Well, for starters you'll get a slightly different opinion depending on who you ask and geographically where you're located.

Click here to take a look at the general dos and don'ts from the experts when it comes to changing over to summer and all-season tires and the importance of removing winter wheels at the right time.

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Techsplanations: Tire Tread

Image Credit: AOL

Chris Harris explains why the world's best car is... the Citroën 2CV?

Posted Apr 22nd 2014 8:00PM

Screencap of Drive Channel's Chris Harris driving his favorite car, a Citroen 2CV

Most recently we've seen Chris Harris in the driver's seat of a Jaguar F-Type, a McLaren P1 prototype and a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. And outside the car, there was his indignation over the demonization of the Porsche Carrera GT after Paul Walker's death. So you might not expect him to say of a 1957 Citroën 2CV with all of 12 horsepower, "it's the antidote to all the modern stuff I drive."

That's only the beginning of the hosannas, Harris going on to call the runabout designed to carry two farmers and 50 kilograms of potatoes at 60 km/h "the most interesting car I have or ever will own." What?! Well, we could tell you why, but it sounds so much more distinguished when he does it. So you can watch him do so in the video below. Unsurprisingly, not a single drift was given that day.

News Source: Drive via YouTube

Petrolicious finds an oasis of Chevy SS models in the desert

Posted Apr 22nd 2014 7:00PM

1972 Chevelle SS

The things we are interested in while young often grow into passions later in life. Take Mark Lundquist for example, whose car collection is highlighted in a new video from Petrolicious. Out of high school in the late 1960s, he worked at a gas station and filled up many of the era's most prized muscle cars. He wanted one but couldn't afford it until years later after his kids went to college. Now, he finally has his dream collection, which includes two classic Chevrolet Super Sports.

First, there is a sleeper '65 Malibu SS with a fuel-injected 502-cubic-inch Chevy big block crate engine, making 502 horsepower and 567 pound-feet for torque hiding under the hood. The car might not scream out about its power at first glance, but it has enough muscle to hit Lundquist in the head with the sun visor whenever he gets on the throttle.

His other SS is a '72 Chevelle. He bought it bone stock with a 402-cubic-inch big block engine. Since the purchase, Lundquist redid the interior and had it painted, but he kept it otherwise as it left the factory. Both cars reside in a special garage full of automotive memorabilia in Joshua Tree, CA. If you're a fan of big 'ole American muscle, then scroll down to check out the video.

News Source: Petrolicious via YouTube

Beijing first to see next-gen Chevy Cruze

Posted Apr 22nd 2014 6:00PM

Chevy Cruze Chinese Market

Chevrolet may have just introduced a slight styling refresh and new tech for the North American Cruze at the New York Auto Show, but Shanghai GM, General Motor's Chinese joint venture partner, has gone a step further, unveiling an all-new generation of the popular compact at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show.

The Chinese-market Cruze has sleeker frontal styling with inspiration from the Chevy Tru 140S Concept. The headlights are more pointed and dip down into the two-tier grille. Overall, the sedan has more aggressive lines and a coupe-like roofline. Power for the new version is provided by a 1.5-litre four-cylinder or 1.4-litre, direct-injected turbocharged four, and Chinese buyers can choose among a seven-speed dual-clutch, six-speed manual or six-speed automated manual as gearbox options. GM Shanghai claims the latest model is good for a 14-21 per cent improvement in fuel economy.

Chevy authorities in China tell Autoblog Canada that North American customers will eventually get a new model based on this architecture, but it won't look exactly like what you see here – in fact, it will almost certainly ride on a longer wheelbase, among other changes.

Why introduce the model in Beijing? The Cruze has been a hot seller in China for years – GM has sold over one million units in the market – and the model has been on sale in the Middle Kingdom significantly longer than it has been available in North America. What's more, the C-segment cars like the Cruze are China's most popular vehicle type, enjoying nearly 50 per cent marketshare. Said another way, China's due for a new generation.

Scroll down for the more details in the press release.

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News Source: Shanghai GM

Image Credit: Live photos copyright 2014 Chris Paukert / AOL

Peugeot 2008 DKR aiming for Dakar, makes detour to Beijing

Posted Apr 22nd 2014 5:00PM

Peugeot 2008 DKR

Peugeot is no stranger to dirt-oriented motorsports, but with the 2008 DKR, the French automaker is striking out in a different direction than the rally stages of Europe. Instead, it has placed aim squarely on the notorious Dakar Rally, arguably one of the most grueling, demanding and dangerous (and longest) races on the planet.

The race has been dominated the past few years by the X-Raid team and its wildly modified Mini Countryman rally cars. Peugeot is aiming to change that, teaming with Red Bull (arch-rival of X-Raid's main sponsor, Monster Energy) and parking two-time World Rally champion Carlos Sainz in the driver's seat.

Like the Countryman, the 2008 has very, very little in common with its road-going cousin. For one, it's rear-wheel drive, unlike the production, front-drive 2008 (and the four-wheel-drive Countryman). Peugeot's reasoning, as we explained on our original post on the dune-busting racer was that larger tires could be fitted - 37-inch Michelins - while suspension travel could be increased substantially.

There's still no word on what sort of powerplant sits under the 2008 DKR's hood, but if the Countryman's 3.0-litre, turbodiesel six-pot is any indication, the DKR will likely be an oil burner.

Take a look up top for our full batch of images from the 2008 DKR's debut at the Beijing Motor Show, and then scroll down for the official press release, video and images from Peugeot

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Image Credit: Live images copyright 2014 Chris Paukert / AOL

Most expensive cars of the 2014 New York Auto Show

Posted Apr 22nd 2014 4:29PM

While the Nissan Micra has the honour of being the cheapest new car in Canada, it's always fun to see which cars are parked at the opposite end of the pricing spectrum. As we continue to sift through the hundreds of photos and dozens of new car debuts from the recent 2014 New York Auto Show, we've put together a short (but rather pricy) list of the most expensive cars spotted on display in the Big Apple.

Click here to countdown the five most expensive cars of the 2014 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) according to the WSJ's auto experts.

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A Fast Look at the 2014 New York Auto Show

News Source: WSJ via AOL On

Image Credit: WSJ via AOL On / Autoblog Canada

Ford Escort is ready to focus on the Chinese market

Posted Apr 22nd 2014 3:45PM

Ford Escort Concept

Ford officially revived the Escort name in China, showing of the new, four-door compact at the Beijing Motor Show. Painted in a stylish brown-bronze, the new sedan wears a number of global Ford styling cues while sharing its platform with the Ford Focus.

Power for the new model comes from a 1.5-litre four-cylinder, although Ford doesn't specify just how much power is on offer, simply saying that the fuel economy of the new mill will be "outstanding." It's unclear what transmission will be distributing the engine's power, although based on the images we've seen, the Escort will definitely offer a two-pedal setup.

The layout of the cabin is fairly clean, although as we mentioned in our initial post on the new Escort, it's a decidedly sparser environment than we've grown use to in NA-spec Fords of late. If anything, it's like a weird blend of current Ford switchgear with an overall look that reminds us of older Ford layouts. Still, it looks like a comfortable way of moving five people about without too much fuss. There's ample space both front and rear, and a rather spacious trunk.

Take a look above for our live images from Beijing, and then hop below for the official release and images from Ford.

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News Source: Live photos copyright 2014 Chris Paukert / AOL

Montreal hosts world's largest electric vehicle gathering to set new record

Posted Apr 22nd 2014 3:00PM

Electric Vehicle Association of Quebec 431 EV gathering

The Nissan Leaf models are the easiest to spot, since they dominate the foreground. But Tesla Model S EVs and Chevy Volt plug-in hybrids are represented as well. Look a little closer and you'll see a Ford Focus Electric and Mistubishi i EVs. And is that a Cadillac ELR we see? Yup!

Yes, it's kind of fun to take a good look at the picture above (click to enlarge), which was released by the Electric Vehicle Association of Quebec (AVEC) showing off the group's successful 431-EV gathering, which should set a new world record for most plug-in vehicles in one place at one time.

Previous records were the 225 Leafs Nissan collected at the Silverstone Formula Racetrack in the UK in late 2012, the 260.5 EVs that tooled around Oslo, Norway in September, 2013 and the 305 EVs that were part of the World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) in Zurich earlier this year. The Montreal record has not yet been certified, but AVEC says it has submitted the event to Guinness and expects to hear back in a few months. Given the ever-increasing number of plug-in vehicles in the world, we suspect Europe will try and reclaim the crown before then.

Check out the Google-translated press release below (originally in French).

News Source: Autoblog Quebec, AVEQ via Green Car Congress

Image Credit: AVEQ