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Is BMW bound to bolt a V6 under the hood of the next M3?

Posted May 20th 2011 1:01PM

BMW M3 Competition Package

If you're an unapologetic BMW fanboy, the next few words might sting. BMW may be considering a V6 for the next generation BMW M3. No, we didn't mean to type I6 – we're talking about three on one side and three on the other.

According to, BMW is likely to go in one of four directions. First up is the suggestion that BMW will take the M3's current S65 V8 and add a pair of turbochargers to it. Now, we're all in favor of adding forced-induction to this engine but this would have the M3 treading heavily on F10 M5 ground.

Another rumour pegs BMW as stuffing either a modified (read: boosted) version of the N54 turbocharged inline-six or a tweaked (read: detuned) version of the F10 M5's twin-turbo V8 S63 motor. The most interesting rumour, however, is that BMW may look into a turbocharged V6 engine. Is BMW HQ ready to hurt the fanboy feelings of folks in love with straight-six engines? If it means a better M3, than anything is possible.

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