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Video: Subaru WRX flips right in front of cameraman at Toronto Motorsports Park

Posted Jun 7th 2011 1:00AM


Let this be a lesson to you hoons out there; always wear your helmet... oh, and never lend out your Subaru. Before you start wondering, yes the driver is OK and remarkably walked away under his own power after this horrific incident. He got lucky when the roof and the A-pillars were only slightly crushed under the roll-over impact but we can't say the same for his reputation behind the wheel.

Word has it that the driver didn't even own this imported right-hand drive JDM Subaru Impreza WRX, he borrowed it from a friend... who borrowed it from his brother, who was on vacation! Lending out cars for track days is risky business but the double-loan maneuver will ruin friendships and possibly families? Man, meeting your broski at the airport is going to be awkward. Hope they don't have the Internets down in the Caribbean.

The incident appears pretty straight-forward, Impreza starts understeering and hits a hay bale with no foul play involved. We're glad to see neither drivers, nor spectators were harmed especially the cameraman who has some serious cajones to hold it down on the barrier like that. In the other footage of the crash, the cameraman was behind the concrete wall before you could say "holy flyin' Imprezas." See the vid for yourself after the jump in all its NSFW lingo glory.

[Source: YouTube]


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