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Four year old Chinese girl caught driving car... on the streets!

Posted Sep 2nd 2011 11:58AM


You can't always believe what you see on the Internets but in this video we really can't believe what is going on here. We know China has some rigorous programs for their Olympic athletes by cloistering away young children in special camps to be the best possible performer at one sport. It seems Dad her is training his four year old daughter to become the next Danica Patrick... or even Sebastian Vettel with some male hormone doping.

Apparently the father rigged his grocery getter Toyota with wooden blocks so that the child could reach the pedals. She clearly has the steering part mastered and the booster seat helps with her line of sight to not plow into other cars. After the run on public roads, she confidently puts it in 'park' and the father who is in the rear driver side seat (with the headrest removed) helps her out of the vehicle. We wonder if they are somehow related to the teenagers that recently had $2 million worth of supercars seized in B.C.?

We have very little to go on for details here but the video appears legit. Although we really called fake at the beginning, after a couple watches it was more convincing. As they say: "this post is useless without video" but we got some video after the jump.

News Source: Huffington Post Canada


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