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India's got talent... and a Suzuki on their back

Posted Nov 22nd 2011 5:58PM


Filed under the 'WTF' folder comes a video courtesy of India's got Talent from a troop aptly named Warriors of Goja. We can't understand a word and the music is a little foreign to our ears but the universal language of pain-induced entertainment seemed worth a look. For the first couple minutes even Ken Block would blush at the amount of florescent bulbs being smashed, but it got decidedly more weird from there.

What started off as us watching a casual viral video on lunch to burn some time, quickly turned into blog potential when appears to be a Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo car drove on stage leaving us wondering; oh no, what is he going to do to that dude lying on the ground. We'll, as you might suspect by the photo, yes he runs the guy over and does an impressive 64 hp fleshy burnout right on top of his buttocks (probably the only surface it will spin-out on).

How do you top running over a fellow performer with a Zen Estilo? You set up an unstable brick ramp and run over the side of his face with a motorcycle while the car is still parked on top of him - duh! But as you can see by 3:00 he has definitely had enough.

To see what the world is talking about click past the jump and feed the 1.3-million+ view insanity.

Video Source: YouTube


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