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Honda S2000 gets stuck between a rock and a hard place

Posted Nov 30th 2011 6:00PM


It is not very often that you drive by an accident and find something incredibly unreal that warrants you to rubberneck and slow everyone else down behind you. Then again, it is not every day that you would see a car stuck on top of a small boulder.

Here we have the handiwork of Helmut Schmidt, a 25-year-old from Hagenburg, Germany who has managed to situate the rear end of his Honda S2000 in the air by sitting it on top of a rock. He completed the feat by losing control of his vehicle, spinning out in three complete 360s and then coming to a stop once his car bounced up on top of the rock in front of a house.

Why was the rock there? Well, the simple answer is the homeowner wanted it there. Perhaps it was a safety measure to insure that a vehicle that had lost control wouldn't end up through their house.

Head past the fold to watch a video slideshow of other Honda S2000s that have had their share of unfortunate fates.

News Source: Huffington Post, YouTube


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