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Images surface of first crash damaged production Lexus LFA

Posted Jan 20th 2012 1:05PM


With the release of any new supercar, there comes the inevitable watch for the first wrecked example. Obviously nobody wants to be That Guy, but everyone wants to see his handiwork.

Sadly, the Lexus LFA had a head start on the topic, as Toyota engineer Hiromu Naruse was killed in a crash in a prototype. The car you see above is believed to be the first production model involved in a crash that happened back in October.

The folks at Club Lexus have done a bit of digging, even so far as to get their hands on a CarFax report. The car would appear to be #142 of the limited production run. it was originally sold in Florida and has made its way to California and has just 1,021 km on the odo.

While the fairly mild damage would indicate a rather minor fender bender, it sounds like there is more to this story. A forum member claims to have inside information that says the car was actually crashed by a used car salesman while the car was in inventory.

Regardless of how it happened, this is a seriously used LFA, having been crashed and on its third owner already!

News Source: Lexus Enthusiast and Club Lexus
mage Credit: Howard Brown & Sons
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