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Jaguar "seriously considering" XFR-S [w/poll]

Posted Feb 2nd 2012 2:30PM

Jaguar XFR, XKR-S and XJ

There's little question that the Jaguar XFR (pictured above at left) is an impressive cat, indeed. Five hundred horsepower and a healthy dose of British charm will do that for you, after all. The trouble is that with around 550 hp each, the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and BMW M5 are that much more impressive. And so Jaguar is reportedly working on a hotter XFR-S.

The more extreme performance sedan has been touted for the past year or so, and has even been spied undergoing development work at the Nürburgring. Following a formula similar to what Jaguar employed to transform the XKR into the XKR-S (pictured above at centre), the 5.0-litre supercharged V8 in the XFR-S would have its output – and its price – raised to compete with zee Germans. That means 550 horses and about $90,000.

Would you shell out the extra $8k over the MSRP on the existing XFR, or for that matter, choose it over its rivals? Cast your vote in our poll below.

News Source: Autocar

Would you buy a Jaguar XFR-S?
Yes, absolutely, where do I sign?134 (34.1%)
No, I'd rather have the XFR, and spend the $8k on beer...28 (7.1%)
No thanks, I'll take an E63 AMG or M5135 (34.4%)
Why spend over $90k, when the Cadillac CTS-V is almost $30k cheaper?96 (24.4%)


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