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Watch all the Russian dash-cam footage you can stand

Posted Jun 18th 2012 8:45AM

Russian dash-cam footage

One is never sure whether to call this the "the best of the worst of," or vice versa: someone has strung together nearly three minutes of impacts culled from Russian dash cams – and those impacts cover everything from car-on-car to truck-on-car to fist-on-face. This is, after all, a land where an innocent Land Rover Freelander 2 can suddenly do a somersault in the middle of the street. And the image above, for instance, is the moment just before a fast-moving truck that tipped over in an oncoming lane slides into another Russian driver just going on about his business.

Although the subtitle of the video is "Dash-cams: Russia's Last Hope For Civility And Survival On The Road,"we doubt you will find any hope or civility, and a questionable idea of survival. Scroll down to watch it all unfold.

News Source: YouTube


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Dieter Manero

Well this video tells us three things about Russians. One they can not drive. Two, they can not fight and last but not least they can not even do a good job in taking their own life.

June 18 2012 at 1:44 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply