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Subaru BRZ commercial shoot for Scorched web ad

Posted Jul 4th 2012 5:30PM


The Subaru BRZ was bound to be a hot seller (pun intended). They are falling behind with filling all of the orders back in Japan and even a few personal friends have plunked down to pick one up since they were released in June. You'd think with all of the hype, the car might sell itself and for the most part with the frenzy of media coverage, it did. But beyond enthusiast media, Subaru was looking to put together a commercial that would leave an impression on a wider scope of potential buyers while being hip, modern and of course, web-only.

We got a call from Subaru Canada's PR firm Tribal DDB to make a set visit to the BRZ commercial shoot. Located in the downtown core of Toronto was an old abandoned roller rink, which provided the ideal sinister industrial backdrop the team was looking for. We spoke with Art Director, Paul Riss who walked us though how they wanted to translate the smoking public response to the car, into actual heat. The campaign would communicate that the BRZ will scorch anything that it came near it and those who see the commercial will have to look closely at how the heat affects items around the car. Then the fire suppression system erupts in the space and the water boils on contact with the World Rally Blue Pearl painted sheet metal.

During our set visit we had a chance to see the stunt driver run the BRZ though an intense wall of smoke and then yank the e-brake. We're not sure how many takes the scene took but we witnessed eight of them all being captured in vivid slow-mo. The Phantom cams were capturing the action in glorious HD at 2000 frames per second for the most crystal clear slow-motion videography we've seen since Le Mans.

Want to see the commercial before everyone else? Well, Autoblog Canada has the video first after the jump - you can thank us later.

Image Credit: Copyright 2012 Dave Pankew / AOL

Scorched Subaru BRZ Web Commercial

Video Source: via Tribal DDB


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