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Woman lifts BMW off father crushed underneath

Posted Aug 2nd 2012 4:30PM


Backyard mechanics beware, as this 52-year-old man was nearly crushed to death while wrenching on his classic BMW 525i at home. Alec Kornacki unexpectedly found himself pinned under his car after a jack suddenly slipped out of place, dropping the 1,565 kg (3,450 lb) luxury sedan on top of his 210-pound body.

The shocking discovery was luckily made by Lauren, his 22-year-old daughter who immediately sprung into action to rescue her trapped father. As an experienced lifeguard and former basketball player, Lauren instinctively knew what to do in this urgent situation. Somehow, she was miraculously able to use her strength to lift the car just enough to free his body from being completely crushed beneath the BMW.

"I lifted it up ... kind of threw it," she told NBC 12, "I just shoved my body into it as hard as I could, and then I came back and dragged him out and started CPR."

According to reports, her father's heart actually stopped beating for less than five minutes with no oxygen. He came back to life after Lauren performed CPR, just as the ambulance arrived on the scene. It seems Mr. Kornacki is thankfully on the road to recovery, but his lengthy list of injuries include several broken ribs and multiple fractures.

"I'm just so lucky and proud I have daughters that can perform CPR and have the knowledge to save lives," Alec said in a statement.

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