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Motorcycle sex in Russia pushes every boundary there ever was!

Posted Aug 10th 2012 12:01PM


We see some dangerous moves on the road every single day. Road rage, avoidable accidents and road hazards of all kinds - it just happens. But real talk, we have never seen anything as ridiculously idiotic as doing whatever-this-is on a public road. Trust us, we have seen it all when it comes to Russian dash-cam insanity... well at least we thought we did until now. Could this be the world's first attempt at having sex on a moving motorcycle or just a bizarre music video or maybe a magazine shoot?

While this video is bordering on NSFW, we're not positive how far this went considering everyone appears to be clothed and sex seems implied. It is definitely staged considering there are at least two chase cars (and one really interested trucker) that are filming and then pick up the er, young lady and we use the term "lady" loosely. They definitely aren't boyfriend-girlfriend, that's for sure, as the leather-clad rider just seems to be more interested if everyone got the shot they needed than the girl.

We don't have to tell anyone reading how dangerous this is. Aside from the risk of injury or death, the cops would have a field day writing you up tickets for a stunt of this magnitude. Sure you may have boss-status on the YouTubes but we can't guarantee that you won't get arrested for it. We just hope there are no copycats, like the Toronto biker we saw mimicking his B.C. idol who did a 300 km/h run on public roadways.

Watch for yourself to determine what is going in the video and have your say on if you think this is total stupidity or totally harmless in the comments.

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Video Source: YouTube


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Holy Cow! Yoy would never see our Sales Professionals from doing that!

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