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Drifting, how hard can it be? Drift Idiot finds out

Posted Sep 12th 2012 6:29PM


"My name is Sam Nalven and I know almost nothing about drifting."

We've all seen it on TV or on the world wide web, some have tried it, some of it live and breathe it, some are drift-curious, some hate it and some will never understand it.

Sam Nelvin (aka, Drift Idiot), loves drifting but knows almost nothing about it. He knows it's awesome and he knows that he wants to try it. Sam's daily driver is a well loved Subaru WRX but that won't do in his quest for tire slaying goodness. To solve his dilemma, Sam does the obvious thing, he checks Craigslist and lo and behold, quickly finds the perfect machine. A stripped, gutted and drift prepped 1995 Nissan S14 240SX with a stock KA24DE (the Japan Market models come with an SR20DET engine) in 5-speed. He quickly purchased the car but even though it was in great shape, it had come under neglect due to the previous owner moving away and losing interest. After much elbow grease and more prep work, Sam begins his odyssey into the drift world. His goal:

"Our goal is to promote the awesome sport of drifting through beginner's guides, driver profiles, and our own driving efforts down this smoky road."

He plans to do this by Tweeting, YouTubing, Facebooking and Blogging about his thoughts and general good-natured, hilarious and entertaining style of filming and writing.

We'll let the videos do the rest of the talking for now. Kick the clutch pedal and let her rip to watch video of his first trackday and follow along with him as he progresses. Go Drift Idiot!
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