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Confusing New Maps from Apple iOS6 vs Google Maps [w/video]

Posted Sep 21st 2012 8:58AM


Smart phones all across the world have long since been cutting into the sales of dedicated GPS (SatNav) devices. It has largely been due to the outstanding free service that has been provided by the real geniuses over at Google and their GoogleMaps app.

With the release of the highly anticipated (for some) iPhone 5 and the upgraded iOS6 from Apple, also comes a mandatory 'upgrade' to Apple's proprietary 'Maps' app. Gone is the built in Google Maps app and lo and behold Apple's answer to Google's mighty maps.

Initially, I was very excited to hear that this new GPS would include turn by turn voice directions and commands. For someone who spends a lot of time driving around a vast metropolis, this is a very welcome addition. Upon further research of this new app, I've decided I can live with my current iOS5 for now. While I'm sure that these may just be growing pains, it begs the question of why Apple would pull the trigger on a product that has not been fully developed yet?

In the meantime, please have a few laughs (courtesy of this blog) and possibly rethink that 'upgrade' to iOS6 if you value having an accurate and highly efficient maps app on your current Apple mobile device.

Click here to view a video on more of this massive Apple blunder.

iOS 6 Maps: Not Quite Ready For Primetime

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