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Ford Focus hits downed trolley wire, spectacular accident ensues

Posted Sep 24th 2012 12:45PM

Russian Ford Focus hits downed trolley wire - video screencap

In this month's installment of From Russia with OMG, dashcam footage reveals another reason why local drivers should receive hazard pay. The black Ford Focus in the picture above is just about to run over a street trolley wire that has come undone and fallen onto the road. Or rather, that's what you'd expect to happen, but the trolley wire had a different idea that could be captioned with the line, "You shall not pass."

Unfortunately it appears the driver did not emerge entirely unscathed from the ensuing accident. But he did emerge, and in Russia, that looks to be a triumph.

Click here to watch it all happen in the video below.

News Source: YouTube

Tip: Hat tip to Boris G!

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I'd like to see that in slow motion, to see the wrapping action.:)

September 25 2012 at 8:59 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply