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Unofficial Porsche 918 Spyder pricing pops up on web

Posted Oct 25th 2012 11:33AM


The gents on the Rennteam forum have come upon unofficial pricing for the Porsche 918 Spyder. By now, in view of the prices of barrier-crushing, hybrid exotics and since we've already talked about Porsche considering a mid-engined supercar priced between the 911 and the 918, the 768,026 euro (CAD$988,610) price to join the 918 Spyder club shouldn't be all that surprising.

Also not surprising? Having seen the options list for a traditional Porsche, ticking the 918's options boxes is a way to send the adding machine to infinity and beyond. Adding the Weissach Package takes the price to 839,426 euro (CAD$1.08M), a combination of other a la carte options such as coating the car in foil instead of paint (11,900 euro or CAD$15,000 on its own), magnesium wheels (29,750 euro or CAD$38,300) and a six-point-harness (2,975 euro or CAD$3,700). It also deletes some features like the air conditioning, Burmeister stereo and the standard door handles. By way of these deletions and swapping standard parts for carbon fiber and magnesium, weight is reduced by about 35 kilograms (77 pounds) and the 'Ring time is shortened by two seconds.

Other options include a liquid metal paint for 47,600 euro (CAD$61,271) – you can add that to the foil for a total of 59,500 euro (CAD$77,589) – a lift system for the front axle for 8,925 euro (CAD$11,488), a special German leather for 23,800 euro (CAD$30,635) and a five-piece set of luggage for 17,731 euro (CAD$22,823). This is couch change compared to the cost of the car – for buyers who find Benjamins and gold ingots in their La-Z-Boys. Assuming these prices are correct, we don't know how they'll compare to Canadian numbers, but it's not like it matters; once you're near seven figures for the entry-level model of a car, well, who's really worried about the cost?

News Source: Rennteam

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