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Road Rage is a major problem faced by many Canadians

Posted Nov 14th 2012 4:55PM


Do you ever feel angry, frustrated and even a little crazy behind the wheel of your car? Well, you're clearly not alone, as 79 per cent of all Canadian drivers confessed to feelings of road rage through a recent study by online insurance comparison service,

As the growing road rage epidemic continues to spread across the country, this survey points the finger almost equally at both men (83 per cent) and women (72 per cent), who stated they have felt feelings of anger while driving.

Experts agree that the leading causes of road rage can be strongly linked to the increased number of cars on the road, longer commute times in traffic and fact that many people are simply driving more. However, the psychological aspect known to instigate the most extreme examples often has to do with a driver's perception of having been "insulted" which can bring on the worst anger.

"For instance in driving, if you are kind and let someone go in front of you, that driver may be considerate in response. But if you cut someone off, that person may react very aggressively, and this could escalate to road rage," explained University of Chicago psychology professor Boaz Keysar to

Click here to watch a video on tips to avoid road rage while driving and next time you feel the sudden urge to explode in anger... Take a deep breath and remember it's just not worth it.

Image Credit: miqul / Flickr CC 2.0 / AOL Library

News Source: / Huffington Post

Tips to Avoid Road Rage While Driving


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