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Watch boozing biker wipe out... after a few too many drinks?

Posted Nov 15th 2012 7:30PM


Watch this off-balance biker make a bumbling fool of himself at this busy intersection, as his clumsy actions seem to be quite far from sober. Luckily, the allegedly drunk adventure was caught on dash-cam for the world to see by the poor driver stuck behind this stumbling rider.

This certainly isn't the first time we've spotted a boozing biker (click here to see another "Boozing Biker" incident), but the fact that this determined rider continues to get up after tipping over and falling off his motorcycle several times makes it more entertaining to watch.

Fortunately he remembered to wear his helmet and didn't seem seriously hurt. Although, we're pretty sure he woke up the next day asking himself where all those bumps and bruises came from (not to mention the damage done to his motorcycle). Hopefully this half-witted biker has seen this video footage and learned his lesson. Next time, just call a cab!

Click here to watch this amateur PSA ad in action.

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News Source: LiveLeak

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