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Watch busted biker stall motorcycle during police chase

Posted Nov 19th 2012 12:45PM


Let this be a lesson to any of you law-breaking bikers out there. This dummy on a dirt bike sure looked like an amateur after screwing up a clean getaway and stalling his motorcycle during a police pursuit. It seems our unlucky suspect remembered his helmet-cam but forgot to fuel up, as officers catch up with him frantically trying to re-start his bike after running out of gas on the side of the road.

Watch several policemen gladly deliver NFL-caliber tackles on the stunned motorcyclist after being led on a lengthy and reckless chase through a residential neighbourhood. The high speed chase comes to its sudden end thanks to the technical difficulties and poor planning on the part of this rookie wheelman

Click here to laugh at this desperate attempt to outrun police on video.

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News Source: LiveLeak


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