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Women outnumber men for first time on US roads

Posted Nov 21st 2012 8:33AM

Oprah Drivers

According to a study by the University of Michigan, women now outnumber men on US roads for the first time in the country's history. Analysts at the school's Transportation Research Institute used data from driver's license statistics for their findings, and the trend may have a widespread impact on the automotive industry as a whole. The researchers predict that if the trend continues, it could affect everything from vehicle design to traffic fatalities and fuel consumption. The study concludes that women are more likely than men to purchase vehicles that are smaller, safer and more fuel efficient, and that they drive less over all than their male counterparts.

The study looked at trends in driver's licenses over the 15 year period between 1995 and 2010. Over that time, the number of men between the ages of 25 and 29 years old with licenses dropped by 10 per cent, while the number of women in the same age bracket fell by only 4.7 per cent. In 2010, 105.7 million women could legally drive, while only 104.3 million men could say the same. Contrast that with the 1950s, when around half of adult women could operate a motor vehicle.

News Source: Inside Line

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This study is pretty obvious for one simple reason, insurance. Women always get the better deal because they're women, and they're "expected" to drive slow, not as much, and drive a cheap car (no mention about experience or skill) . So no duh there will be more women driving when it's practically double the cost for a man to drive with the same record and car.

And funny how they don't actually say the statistic of CURRENTLY DRIVING women, just women with lisences. This stat really doesn't mean anything, it's just another gimmick for insurance to raise prices under some new "women are suddenly more expensive because they have lisences" bullshit.

So does this mean men will pay less insurance because there's less of them on the road making them a lower statistic? LOL NO! Now both the sexes get to pay more to line the pockets of government mandated insurance bigwigs.

Is this really so hard to see that we need reports on it?

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