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Watch motorcyclist vs. flying mattress on highway

Posted Nov 26th 2012 7:58PM


Riding a motorcycle at high speeds can require lightning fast reflexes when you least expect it. This video footage shows first hand how a fearless biker handles a hair-raising encounter with a flying mattress at speeds over 100 km/h.

The slow-motion replay shows how dangerously close this came to being a fatal crash, as the lucky motorcyclist narrowly avoids making contact with the moving object. As expected, the oblivious owner of the mattress continued driving along as though nothing happened until the biker caught up to them and pointed out they'd lost part of their bed.

Once again, if you need to move any large object in your pickup... please make sure it's properly secured and consider the safety of others around you.

Click here to watch this viral video caught in first-person perspective.

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News Source: Ebaumsworld


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