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Lincoln video teases new things to come... but what?

Posted Dec 2nd 2012 7:02PM

Lincoln Teaser

Lincoln has released a new video teasing... something. In what looks to be an advertisement for more advertising, the company has worked up a clip featuring everything from a drum solo and a flying hawk to Abraham Lincoln himself. The video shows a few shots of what looks to be an MKZ and promises more news is coming on Monday.

What does the company have up its sleeves? Rumours are bouncing around the web like so many ill-informed ping-pong balls, and cover everything from an alternative powertrain for the MKZ to a new two-door model – noise that is underscored by the presence of a Ford Mustang chassis lurking in the background of the video around the 27-second mark (see screen capture above).

Could Lincoln be considering a rear-wheel drive luxury coupe built on the pony's bones? A move like that seems awfully unlikely, but it certainly wouldn't hurt our feelings. Either way, we'll find out more tomorrow. In the interim, check out the teaser video below for yourself.

Max Wolf on the 2013 Lincoln MKS Design

News Source: YouTube

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