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French motorcycle journalist hits pole and takes a plunge in wild crash video

Posted Dec 4th 2012 2:15PM

motorcyclist rides off pier

The man in the image above is Laurent Cochet, a journalist with the French magazine Moto Journal. He's testing a Yamaha FJR 1300 in Saint Martin en Ré, France next to the quai, and he's about to tape what he probably thinks will be a beautiful shot along the water, boat masts in the foreground, marina cafes and the back.

That is not at all what happens!

Bikes with hard panniers don't play well with bollards. When Cochet's luggage box hits the squat steel post, both Cochet and
the bike take a spectacular ride over the edge of the quai. We're told that, thankfully, Cochet wasn't hurt beyond a few bruises and a sprained finger. The bike... not so much.

Click here to watch and prepare to wince at the video below.

Man Survives High Speed Motorcycle Crash


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