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Watch these SPCA rescue dogs learning to drive a car

Posted Dec 5th 2012 12:43PM


Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? According to ambitious animal experts at the New Zealand SPCA, you can actually teach a handful of young rescue dogs to drive a MINI Cooper S Countryman... by themselves!

The concept behind this publicity stunt video is to draw awareness and change the public's perception on the intelligence of rescue dogs up for adoption. The canine driving course uses a custom-built contraption designed to simulate the motions of driving an automobile.

Once the canines master the basics of starting, steering, acceleration, braking and even shifting gears, the driving dogs were given the keys to an actual car. It's amazing to watch these three driving dogs go through such impressive training in order to successfully hop behind the wheel of a specially dog-adapted Mini Cooper to drive unassisted around a track.

According to the video news report, the trained dogs are expected to demonstrate their abilities in a live televised test next week, when a reporter plans to go for a ride in the customized MINI with "man's best friend" doing the driving.

Click here to watch these unbelievable rescue dogs get behind the wheel.

Dogs learn to drive cars in New Zealand

The Driving Dog
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