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Grillie is like Pinterest for your car's face

Posted Dec 11th 2012 9:57AM


Somewhere between grille badges for motorsports successes, car club emblems, and the horrific proliferation of bumper/window stickers, adhesive pinstriping and Truck Nutz, vehicle personalisation went off the rails a while back. A new company called Grillies is aiming to class things up a bit again.

Grillies are a bit like charms for one's vehicle, made from solid metal (with pewter, nickel and painted finishes) and able to attach to the vehicle grille of your choice with common tools. The substantial ornaments are available in dozens of forms, from animals, to flags to symbols of faith. Just a few could be characterized as being slightly lowbrow (the "F-bomb" and "Mudflap Girl" come immediately to mind), while most are pretty nifty.

At about $50 per pop, then, why not spruce up the visage of your vehicle with the kitten, horseshoe or alligator handbag of your dreams? Let your most passionate interest be your guide (even if you're passionate about teddy bears... we won't judge.) They may not be quite so cool as that three million miles badge on the front of your Volvo P1800, but they sure beat Calvin's never ending stream of derision.
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