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Mosler Raptor GTR unveils the Suicide 1212 package

Posted Dec 12th 2012 5:45PM


When Mosler announced that their Raptor GTR would be a one-off unit back in October it seemed pretty clear that this would be the last we would be hearing from the Florida-based boutique supercar company, but it seems they have one more trick up their sleeve. Accompanied by a bizarre video, and an ominous reference to the company's implosion due to regulation change, the firm's now-parent company Supercar Engineering Inc. is offering a "Suicide 1212" upgrade pack for the lucky buyer of the already absurdly quick Raptor GTR. Released on you guessed it, 12/12/12.

The upgrade includes a bespoke front clip which significantly improves airflow to the radiator and intercoolers, as well as the significantly upgraded powerplant which bumps up output from 838 to a jaw-dropping, you guessed it, 1212 hp! The figure puts the car's power to weight ratio up to 927hp/tonne.

Through all its ups and downs, Mosler has above all else been a fascinating company to watch. Between the strange music video last year and this interesting bit of marketing you never really know what they'll have to say or show us next. Proof of this is the fact that they're probably one of if not the only company to send out a press release with a video of one of their cars crashing during a race. Though this looks like the end of the road for now, I don't doubt that this isn't quite the last we've heard of them.

Hit the jump to get a sneak peek of the new monster and a mid-race crash.

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News Source: Mosler
Video Source: YouTube [1] and [2]


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