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Chevy Silverado gets owned by Dodge Ram in diesel vs. gas tug of war

Posted Dec 17th 2012 12:45PM


The heated debate between proud Chevy and Dodge truck owners has sparked all kinds of endless controversy over the years, but none as outrageous as this video. Watch how a testosterone-driven pick-up truck tug of war goes way too far (like across a large parking lot and slinging over several curbs), as the two tough truck owners try to prove how macho they think they are.

Going beyond the usual Calvin and Hobbes cartoons peeing on Chevy versus Dodge logos, these unstable drivers decided to chain a gas Chevrolet Silverado and a diesel Dodge Ram trucks together for an epic battle. Apparently, the half-witted tow challenge idea came about after exchanging childish smack talk in front of several other truck owners in a Walmart parking lot.

Although the video post indicates the Chevy owner was "asking for it," the driver of the Cummins powered Dodge Ram clearly didn't know when to stop dangerously dragging the 4x4 Silverado gas-burner.

According to its video description, both drivers jumped out of their respective trucks after the tire-smoking battle and "exchanged blows" until authorities arrived on the scene. Guess they had plenty of time to continue the world's toughest truck debate from behind bars that night.

Click here to watch the mayhem unfold but be warned the video contains plenty of foul language NSFW.

News Source: YouTube

2014 Chevrolet Silverado at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show


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I love trucks, but most people that own them never use them for their intended purpose... to haul stuff.
Just a bunch of posers trying to over compensate for a small _ _ _ _.

December 17 2012 at 4:56 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply