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Unbelievable road rage attack leads to frightful car chase

Posted Dec 19th 2012 11:30AM


In a bizarre turn of events a defenceless motorist feared for his life during an allegedly unprovoked road rage attack in Australia. Video evidence of the unexplained and violent attack has gone viral since being broadcast on the news program Today Tonight, as reporters focused on the mysterious road rage incident.

The incredible dash cam footage captures every minute of the terrifying chase. Ken Olsen, (the shocked victim) has no idea why he was targeted and run off the road several times by the crazed driver known only as "Australia's angriest driver." Olsen quickly found himself engulfed in a dangerous and nearly deadly car chase, as he promptly alerted authorities of the madman stalking him.

As the emergency operator advises Olsen to flee towards the nearest police station for safety, the relentless attacker continues to crash, bang and block the nearly trapped motorist at every turn. When cornered, the raging man goes berserk and dives onto the hood of the victim's truck in order to smash his way through the windshield!

Luckily, Olsen was able to get away unharmed and his truck absorbed the brunt of the damage. As a former police officer, Olsen says he's "never witnessed such a violent road rage incident" and credits his escape to the driving skills honed during his years as an officer of the law.

Click here to watch the inexplicable example of road rage for yourself.

UPDATE: Following the news broadcast of this dramatic video last night, the unknown attacker has apparently come forward and turned himself into police custody. Oddly enough, the accused man is actually insisting he's the real victim here! Really? We're pretty sure the video evidence will prove otherwise.

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News Source: Today Tonight via YouTube

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