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Brave motorcyclist rides through blizzard during snow storm

Posted Jan 2nd 2013 11:15AM


The Midwest was hit by an intense snow storm earlier, and while the conditions may have been more appropriate for a snowmobile than most cars, at least one person found it acceptable weather in which to ride a motorcycle. Granted, this wasn't your typical motorcycle. Instead, it was a two-passenger, two-wheel-drive Ural being ridden along the snow-covered Interstate 65 in Indianapolis.

On Ural motorcycles equipped with a sidecar, both rear wheels can actually driven by the engine, depending on the model chosen. This might give the bike better handling in such poor weather, but it does nothing to shield the rider from the below freezing temperature. We're sure newscasters see plenty of crazy things all the time when doing live feeds, but an adventurous motorcycle rider in white-out blizzard conditions has got to be a fairly unique sight.

The video is actually a recording of a news report so the quality isn't that great, but you can still check it out after the jump.

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