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Calgary gas station mistakenly fills regular pumps with diesel fuel

Posted Jan 3rd 2013 11:30AM


Most drivers know using incorrect fuel in a vehicle can lead to poor performance or in this case, some very costly repair bills. We've all heard horror stories of people accidentally pumping diesel fuel into regular gasoline powered cars before, but none compare to the wide scale damage caused by this recent incident at a Calgary Co-op gas station.

Nearly 500 unsuspecting motorists accidentally pumped diesel fuel into their cars, as Co-op's fuel supplier mistakenly filled a regular gas storage tank with diesel on Boxing Day. The fuel mixup was brought to the Co-op gas station's attention by an upset customer roughly 26 hours after the mistake was initially made.

"We were initially contacted by a member who had had some issues with their vehicle and that caused us to go back and double check, and that's when we discovered the error," said Co-op Spokesperson Karen Allan.

According to reports, 476 customers who gassed up that day were tracked down via their Co-op membership numbers and notified of the mishap. Although hundreds of unhappy customers have been left without use of their cars, Calgary Co-op has spoken with most drivers involved and offered to cover the cost of repairs and rental vehicles. Meanwhile, experts estimate the cost to fix each victim's vehicle could range anywhere between $1,000-$4,000 to repair correctly.

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News Source: Calgary Herald and CBC News

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Image Credit: AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

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Good grief! Isn't Co-op a program for beginners in the trade?

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