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Texting driver crashes SUV into police car

Posted Jan 7th 2013 4:30PM


We're all aware of the dangers of texting while driving, as taking your eyes off the road can suddenly become a deadly distraction. We hope the risk was worth the reward for 22-year-old driver Lauren Owens, as checking her "urgent" text message at 2:30am allegedly sent her Nissan Pathfinder crashing into an Albany, GA police cruiser.

To make matters worse, Owens was also driving her SUV without a licence at the time and caused 44-year-old police officer Garnet Lincey to be hospitalized from the impact. Police say she was checking her cell phone for a text message at the time of the crash and has been charged with failure to maintain lane, texting while driving and driving without a licence. Luckily, the officer has been released from hospital since the accident occurred.

Click here to watch the full news report and the damage caused by this crash.

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Police: Texting Driver Hits Cop Car

Image Credit: Albany, GA Police

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