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Invisible Driver Pranks Drive-Thru Staff

Posted Jan 10th 2013 11:30AM


Fast-food staff have been the butt of pranks on many an occasion, but this one really takes the cake. Using n othing more than some cardboard and a bit of cheap upholstery, this well versed prank-master manages to fool the numerous teenage and young-adult drive-thru workers into thinking his car rolled up to the window all by itself.

The reactions this "Invisible Driver" prank gets are just plain priceless, ranging from complete shock, to one of them wondering if a ghost was driving the car, to another who asks her colleague to "Instagram dat joint" so she can prove her sanity. The most entertaining has to be the second victim who turns to the car and says hello, taking a good 2-3 seconds to realize she's staring at an empty car. During the setup the prankster's outfit looked a little hokey, and we're a bit surprised at how many people didn't clue in to the scheme. The assailant has clearly had some practice as a drive-thru joker, as a large number of his YouTube videos involve drive-thru windows and his trusty Nissan.

We can only hope the parade of comedy will keep on coming.

Check the vid out here.

Prankster Freaks Out Drive-Thru Workers as 'Ghost'

Video Source: AOL ON


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that is just so junny. wish he would do at the place I work. The look on their faces are pricless. LOVE IT!!!!!

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