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Koala bear escapes becoming biker roadkill

Posted Jan 10th 2013 1:30PM


Why did the koala bear cross the road? To escape from a pack of speeding motorcycles of course! We're not really sure who was more shocked to run into each other here, as we see the group of surprised sportbike riders do their best to avoid hurting the furry fella or cause a dangerous crash.

Luckily, no one was harmed thanks to the motorcyclist's quick reaction to hit the brakes HARD! However, this close call with a koala bear proves the cute creature is much tougher than it looks, as it shakes off the impact and escapes becoming biker roadkill. According to the video, the stunned Koala then proceeds to "walk it off" and continue enjoying another sunny day in the outback.

Click here to watch the cuddly Koala collision for yourself.

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