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Are you the next BMW X5?

Posted Jan 15th 2013 3:41PM

BMW X5 F15-generation leaked image?

Who knew that diecast model makers could be such a good source of leaks? Less than a month after a diecast model 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA in China, someone overseas at Diecast Empire or Jadi Modelcraft could get a bath in boiling oil for leaking uncamouflaged images of the next-generation BMW X5.

Naturally, that assumes that this image from a brochure from a Jadi brochure is indeed the F15 BMW X5 – it was posted to Diecast Empire's Facebook page. In its favour, the lines all add up if we compare it to the most revealing spy shots we have of the coming crossover – the headlight corners, the metal trim separating the kidney grille from the opening just above the license plate, the cut of the swage line, and the fact that the model picture reveals all of the most important character pieces that BMW has kept covered.

There's something written on the door of the model image that isn't in the spy shots, but that could be an xDrive badge. We will see the genuine article soon enough and we'll know for sure. For now, we might have already seen its facsimile in miniature.

2013 BMW X5 Xdrive 35i 0-60 MPH Mile High Performance Test

News Source: New Sunday Times via

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