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Young sisters crash two cars into each other during underage joyride

Posted Jan 18th 2013 12:45PM


A 12-year-old New Zealand girl's joyride came to a sudden end when she crashed her car into another vehicle being driven by her 14-year-old sister who was out looking for her. Police say they were initially called by a concerned motorist who reported nearly being hit by another driver who could not even see over the steering wheel.

Shortly afterwards, the 12-year-old crashed into another vehicle being driven by her big sister who thought it was a good idea to go for a drive too in order to look for her younger sister. Luckily, neither underage driver was seriously injured in the crash as reports say the vehicles involved suffered extensive damage.

Click here to watch the report on this strange crash.

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Joyride Ends When Girl, 12, Crashes Into 14-Year-Old Sister's Car


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