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Mad Max 4: Fury Road production captures insane movie cars in motion

Posted Jan 23rd 2013 5:58PM


It's been a while since we've had any new Mad Max: Fury Road updates, as die-hard movie fans and geeky gearheads alike can't wait to see these awesome Mad Max 4 vehicles in action. For some of us, the Mad Max series is a connection to our car-crazed youth, we just don't want to let go of!

Well, the wait is over... kind of, thanks to a new video teaser posted online giving us a much better glimpse of the insane vehicles we can expect to see duke it out in the dystopian desert of Mad Max 4: Fury Road and possibly even in Mad Max 5: Furiosa.

Although some of these vehicles like the bat**** crazy Gigahorse 1959 Cadillac monster truck have been seen before, this recently released video clip finally shows a bunch of the custom built cars, trucks and buggies in motion, as they drive around the desert movie set.

Click here to get a closer look at the vehicles for the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road movie. Bonus points for identifying more car chassis in the comments section!

News Source: YouTube

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