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Russian baby survives crash landing after being thrown from car and almost run over

Posted Jan 23rd 2013 1:20PM


We've all seen our fair share of crazy Russian crash videos, but this shocking collision takes things to the next level of sheer stupidity. Based on the dash cam video, the driver and passengers of the silver SUV are all lucky to be alive, including their small child who was violently thrown out of the car during the crash.

The failed attempt to dangerously overtake another car on the narrow snow-covered road was only inches away from becoming deadly. Miraculously, the ejected young toddler survives the crash and narrowly avoids being run over by the on-coming transport trucks after landing in their path. Hopefully this clip serves as a grave reminder to always buckle up and use child safety seats correctly... or at all.

Click here to watch this unbelievably video footage for yourself.

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News Source: YouTube

Russian Pedestrians Narrowly Escape Car Crash


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