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Police cruisers caught drag racing to Tim Hortons in Calgary

Posted Jan 24th 2013 2:15PM


The Calgary Police have an interesting case on their hands after this dash-cam video surfaced of two police cruisers allegedly street racing at a traffic light in a blatant attempt to beat one another to the nearby Tim Hortons - how cliché.

Although it seems neither Ford Crown Victoria breaks the speed limit by much in the process, the fact that the officers appear to be street racing is enough to cause an internal investigation. At the moment, there is no clear indication of an incident taking place at said Tim Hortons other than an order of fresh donuts coming out of the oven.

Seeing two police cruisers engaging in the kind of activity they would likely pull someone over for is a tough pill to swallow, and we are thankful that someone was able to catch this on video. Law Enforcement at all levels has been cracking down on street racing for years, and although racing on a highway will only net you 6 demerit points in Alberta, Canadian federal laws on street racing still apply. In the real world, these officers could potentially have their vehicles impounded for 7 days, and could face as much as a lifetime driving ban if this was a repeat offence.

Click past the jump to see the full video and judge for yourself.

EDIT: The video poster has stated that they have been contacted by Calgary Police Services to supply more details about the video. Officers involved have stepped forward and identified themselves.

What punishment should these officers receive?
Suspension without pay369 (34.7%)
Suspension with pay23 (2.2%)
Drivers licence suspension, vehicle seizure208 (19.5%)
Nothing, not a big deal220 (20.7%)
Banned from Tim Horton's for 1 year244 (22.9%)

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Video Source: YouTube via Huffington Post Alberta

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I think the guy just wanted over to that lane. I hope if it wasn't a police car, it would still not be that bad. He decided to get coffee at the light and was in the wrong lane. Yes .. wrong lane, plan your trip but if an honest error then let it go with a warning to plan ahead better. Maybe I missed something.

January 26 2013 at 1:42 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I also voted "not a big deal."

If anything the cruiser on the left was just trying to stay out of the other officers (and other pedestrians) way by accelerating to exploit the open space versus turning on his right signal and waiting to be let in.

Last point i want to make is things can happen @ Tim Horton's that would warrant a few cruisers speeding in that don't involve donuts at all = thefts, assaults, drunk n' disorderly etc.

January 25 2013 at 5:35 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

What a waste of time, and I pitty the loser that thought this was a big deal

January 24 2013 at 7:09 PM Report abuse -1 rate up rate down Reply