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UK documentary examines Middle East exotic car culture in London

Posted Jan 26th 2013 8:00PM


We've done our share of posting on the powerslides and street racing that's part of Middle Eastern hooning in high-dollar exotics, but almost all of the antics noted have taken place in the Middle East... as you'd expect. The UK's Channel 4 has produced a documentary that goes deep into exotic car culture of young Arabs, but not those in the Gulf states – the ones who fly or keep their cars in London for the summer to revel in what locals have dubbed "Arab supercar season."

Called Millionaire Boy Racers of London, the doc starts around Harrod's and in the superbly expensive neighborhoods of Knightsbridge and Chelsea, where veteran locals say things like, "The supercars are a manifestation of this too-much-ness." It then travels to the Middle East to look at the whats and whys of flying millions of dollars of metal thousands of miles to Europe's biggest city, then returns to London to look at how each side looks at the other.

It should be noted that an overall theme of this could be considered "young hooligans moving into and ruining the neighborhood," and some of the commentary is almost a caricature of the cranky retiree yelling "and git offa my lawn!" As well, the multicultural nature of the phenomenon – specifically, the need to be delicate with it – leads to assessments like, "I think there's been an exodus of what you'll call the more traditional residents of Knightsbridge."

The other side is full of quotables, though, like the young Arab man in the matte blue Lamborghini Murcielago who, upon being told that the chiming clock is Big Ben, responds with, "May God silence its noise." Nevertheless, we're thrilled we can count on the Brits to say, in all seriousness, "I think this sort of behavior is incredibly uncivilized."

Click here to get a taste of this fascinating documentary in the video below.

Lamborghini Murcielago at the Madrid Auto Show 2012


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