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Best motorcycle crash saves and wobbles in MotoGP

Posted Feb 5th 2013 7:30PM


It's no secret that MotoGP racers, and motorcycle racers in general are some of the most fearless people in the world, but this clip is a real testament to why. MotoGP has recently compiled this video of close-calls that would have had the majority of us screaming for our mommies. One after another these riders with nerves of steel recover from what could potentially be a career-ending crash.

Seeing so many clips in a row may make you think that this is a best of a number of years, however according to MotoGP these are only from the 2012 race season. We suppose that with so many of these incidents taking place that riders get used to recovering from a wobble rather quickly. Many in this video appear so effortless that you have to wonder how ofter the riders have actually put their bikes down over the years. One way or another we are happy to see so many survived unharmed.

Click here for the full video

News Source: MotoGP via MetaCafe

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