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Ram Truck's Gear Up! hunting series teaches you how to gut a deer

Posted Feb 5th 2013 7:57PM

Gear Up! Hunting 101 series from Ram Pickups - host Megan teaches you how to process a deer - video screencap

Ram knows that hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts make up a key demographic of its trucks' sales, so late last year it started an Internet hunting video series called Gear Up! on YouTube hosted by a variety of attractive ladies dressed in camouflage. (Ram knows its target audience, eh?).

This series has been going since October, but it caught our eye with a recent episode that gives instructions on how to properly gut (or dress) a deer. There are no graphic images, but Megan (this episode's host) does give detailed and frank – if slightly surreal – deer-processing tips in a cheerful tone. For example: "Begin sliding your knife up the deer's belly towards its neck" and "sever the final tubes of the rectum." Keep in mind, this is one of the advanced videos, so if you're really trying to learn how to hunt deer, you should start from the earlier, beginner-level videos in this "Hunting 101" series.

Scroll down if you'd like to learn how to clean a deer carcass Ram-style, and we've also included a few of the other how-to videos (including how to choose a taxidermist!) in this somewhat bizarre lifestyle marketing series below. Enjoy.

Record Quest: Deer Hunting Gear Essentials


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