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Local Motors Rally Fighter rolls over, refuses to play dead

Posted Feb 6th 2013 12:32PM

Local Motors Rally Fighter desert racing flip - video screencap

We already knew that the Local Motors Rally Fighter was one of the most interesting new vehicles of the last decade – it has a compelling backstory (come-from-nowhere company with a crowdsourced design), a fascinating look all its own and off-road chops. But now we know it has something approaching genuine robustness.

How genuine? Check out Turn 2 Production's video of competitor No. 1841 as it runs in this past weekend's Best In The Desert racing series' Parker 425. The 1800-class desert entrant is shown here as its driver takes a small jump but fails to nail the landing, digging the nose in and precipitating an end-over-end flip. The Rally Fighter lands on its wheels, and then without skipping a beat, the team presses on regardless, only momentarily encumbered by a floppy hood.

The team would go on to finish the Parker, AZ race, earning a fourth-in-class place and taking 19th overall.

Hit the jump to watch it in action.

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Local Motors Rally Fighter


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