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Skateboarding fines lead to auto insurance cancellation for Halifax man

Posted Feb 6th 2013 7:00PM


Wheeled-surfers ought to wear a lid - lest they lose their car insurance. A young skateboarder from Halifax recently learned this lesson the hard way, after collecting two tickets from Halifax Regional Police and then receiving an unsavory phone call.

Ironically, Pat Harland expected to receive a discount on his car insurance policy after 5 years of crash-free driving - but his insurance company had other plans in mind.

According to reports by CBC News, Harland received a call from his insurance company - TD Insurance Meloche Monnex - and was told that they will no longer be insuring him. Besides his two silly skateboarding fines, Harland is reported to have collected a driving related fine for not wearing his seatbelt, but otherwise has a clean driving record.

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When protesting the decision to cancel his insurance policy TD Insurance Meloche Monnex retorted, "Any type of violation that goes against the Motor Vehicle Act does take points off of your licence and thus counts against your insurance rating." They continued, "If it affects your motor vehicle report, it does affect your overall insurance as well."

So where does that leave our skateboarding friend Harland? On the bus, potentially, because he was told by his insurance company that the only option they can offer him is the same type of policy granted to drivers with DUI convictions and those with very poor driving records.

We now better understand the genesis of the famed T-shirt that proclaims, "Skateboarding is not a crime."

Do you think skateboarding related helmet fines should impact car insurance rates?
Yes16 (7.1%)
Not sure2 (0.9%)
No, only driving related offenses should impact auto insurance rates 205 (91.1%)
Who needs a car? Now check out this kick flip!2 (0.9%)

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Unfortunatly for pat, the insurance company\'s possition makes sence. The insurance sompany bases their rates on what sort of a risk somebody poses. The higher the risk tollerance an individual has, the more likely it is that the insurance comapny will have to pay out at some point. Some companies even take your credit score in to account.

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