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This is what happens when a coil spring compressor fails

Posted Feb 10th 2013 8:00PM


All you do-it-yourself mechanics out there thinking of lifting your SUVs or swapping out the suspension on your track cars, be sure to check this video out first. The guys over at Popular Mechanics were making a video showing how to do some suspension work, when things went dangerously wrong.

Although you can't see it in the video, a spring compressor is being used, but when the compressed spring clears the lower control arm, the tool fails sending metal parts flying all over the shop. Both men were wearing safety glasses and, thankfully, neither was injured, but it does show the violent force that loaded springs are capable of – parts fly out with such force that you can see that a ladder in the background is almost knocked over. Be careful in your garages, folks.

Scroll down to watch the video.

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I had a coil spring compressor fail when I was an apprentice. It goes off like a gun, no time to move. Fortunately it was still under the fender of the car when it failed and no one was hurt. I carefully inspected every other spring compressor I used for the rest of my career.

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