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Canadian International Auto Show

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2013 BMW 328i Touring Canadian pricing, data released at Toronto Auto Show

Posted Feb 15th 2013 10:15AM


BMW has just released Canadian pricing and availability on their new 2013 328i Touring (we already tested in Germany) at the opening day of the Toronto Auto Show 2013. "But wait!" you exclaim, "Isn't a 'Touring' a wagon?"

Wood paneling has ceased to exist on wagons for some time folks. Visions (or child hood memories) that parallel any scene from National Lampoons Family Vacation should have faded by now; no longer are wagons the ideological family movers, lumbering down the road with ship-like body movements - that title is now held by the minivan. It's time to let go of any angst you may feel towards wagons, and give them a fair shake.

Why bother driving a wagon when a perfectly good SUV is more socially popular and has the same utility and space? We'll give you two reasons: driving dynamics and fuel economy.

Click here to view our full photo gallery. To read our pro-wagon argument and find out Canadian pricing and availability on the new 2013 BMW 328i Touring, click past the jump.

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A wagon punches a much smaller hole through the air and rides lower to the ground than an SUV, thus it achieves a far superior co-efficient of drag, and this aids fuel economy. While wagons are typically narrower and lower, they still offer a gargantuan rear cargo space when the rear seats are folded down.

When it comes to driving dynamics, wagons share the handling dynamics of their trunked brethren so they are naturally more nimble and fun to drive than SUVs. If anything, the added metal and glass on the rear of the car shifts the weight balance rearward and actually improves handling (if neutral handling and rear end grip are your cup of tea).

So, how much coin for this spacious and practical yet frugal and fun to drive wagon? BMW has priced the 2013 BMW 328i Touring to start at $47,850. Production begins in March, so expect dealer availability by April of this year. The vehicle will only be available in xDrive here, so we are eager to test this AWD wagon since we drove RWD Euro-spec version.

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