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Meteorite crash in Russia caught on dash cam videos

Posted Feb 15th 2013 1:30PM


News of a meteorite crashing into Russia's Ural Mountains has captured the attention of millions around the world as this rare cosmic activity rarely causes human injury.

According to news reports from the CBC News, the meteor that entered Russian skies was roughly the size of an SUV (or two metres in width). It was travelling at a speed of at least 54,000 km/h and shattered between 30 to 50 km above the ground - showering the population below with smaller super-heated particles.

This SUV sized meteorite is estimated to have weighed around 9 tonnes (9,000 kg) and struck the atmosphere with such force that it released roughly the power of an atomic bomb; 1,200 people were injured in the incident which occurred at approximately 9:20 am local time, just after sunrise.

Click here to watch amazing video footage, as several people managed to capture whole thing on their in-car dash cameras.

Amazing Video: Drivers' View of Russian Meteorite Explosion


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