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Monopoly racecar saved on popular Hasbro boardgame

Posted Feb 16th 2013 12:00PM


Car enthusiasts rejoice! Our beloved racecar in the Hasbro board game Monopoly has been saved. The Monopoly-loving world has spoken, and the newest game piece is... a cat. In a democratic move, Hasbro let the internet decide which token would be getting kicked off the board, and, in the end, it was the lowly iron that will now get locked away in the Monopoly vault. Bye bye iron, and hello kitty.

The boot and the wheelbarrow were close to getting canned as well, while the dog and racecar were the two most popular pieces in the voting. As for the new piece, the cat was chosen over other possibilities including a helicopter, guitar, robot and diamond ring.

Scroll down to watch a cheesy short video welcoming the new game piece as it navigates all 40 squares of the board game, hoping to collect $200 each time it passes "Go."

Monopoly Game Pieces: Iron Out, But What's The New Token?


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