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New VW Beetle Convertible ad needs no disguise

Posted Feb 18th 2013 1:01PM


Convertibles make you do funny things. Ask someone if they'd drive a hardtop in near freezing temperatures with all the windows down and they might not even answer, thinking the question so ridiculous. Give that same person a convertible they love and you might just have to ask them to please put the top up even when snow is on the ground.

That guy has to take precautions to enjoy his proclivities, and as this new ad for the Volkswagen Beetle Convertible shows, not everyone understands. Have a watch below, and note that there's just one woman in the minute-long spot, and she's nowhere near the car. Seriously, why didn't VW run this commercial during the Super Bowl?

Click here to check it out for yourself.

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News Source: Volkswagen via YouTube

Image Credit: Copyright 2013 Chris Paukert / AOL

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