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Ultralight takes flight during runway-free gas and go visit

Posted Feb 20th 2013 7:28PM

Ultralight at a fuel station

We will never stop being bitter about the lack of flying cars in our personal lives. It's not that we trust the drivers on the road with us to have yet another axis of travel to concern themselves with, but rather that we've been promised personal flying transportation our entire lives.

One ultralight pilot seems to have taken matters into his own hands here, by stopping at a standard fuel station to top off his tanks. After he's finished at the pumps, he simply fires up his engine, taxis to the highway and takes off into the wild blue yonder.

Is the move safe? Probably not, but the path to excellence is often littered with danger. You can watch the whole show in the video below for yourself. As for us, we're going to start shopping for a personal aircraft of our very own.

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