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Gorgeous Disco Volante returning to Geneva a runner

Posted Feb 21st 2013 5:58PM


One year after bringing the super stylish and unforgettably named Disco Volante to the Geneva Motor Show as a styling exercise, coachbuilders Touring Superleggera have got a followup to get excited about. This year's version of the slinky Disco will come complete with Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione running gear – 4.7-litre V8 engine and all. We've got just the one teaser image of the car, above, which obviously serves to highlight the fact that this Disco Volante is no hollow shell.

In ten months worth of hard work, the Italian craftsmen have completed a ready to drive product, with "many parts" constructed from carbon fibre, and a hand-beaten aluminum body. While the short press release doesn't specify about production plants, Touring has intended this Disco Volante to be a low-volume re-body of the 8C, available for purchase, from the get. We'll look for more information about how many and how much, when we see the car in person at the Geneva reveal.

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World premiere of the Disco Volante Touring at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Milan, 15th February 2013.

One year after the introduction as a static style model, Touring Superleggera will showcase in Geneva the first rolling unit of the Disco Volante Touring, a 2-seater grand tourer built on demand. The car uses the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione frame, driveline and technology.

It took only ten months since the decision was made to complete the whole engineering, development and manufacturing cycle. Many parts of the new body are made in carbon fibre, adding aesthetic and structural value to the traditional hand-beaten aluminium panels.

This is yet another testimony of advanced automotive design and custom coachbuilding. Touring Superleggera is one of the rare firms offering the whole in-house productive cycle from the first sketch, all the way through surface engineering and structural analysis, style models and prototypes, to turn-key, low-volume production of special bodywork.

Touring firmly believes that special coachbuilding can live on well into the 21st century, respecting the strict engineering and quality requirements of today's automotive industry.

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News Source: Touring Superleggera

Image Credit: Live images copyright 2013 AOL

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